Helping your student apply to college and make a college decision can involve complicated choices and high stakes. Our Parents Guide blog series is here to help you guide your student to make the right decisions throughout the college application and decision processes.

As you help your student make the right college choice, you may be wondering how to guide them towards the most valuable education option for their future. How do you make sure their college experience is worth it? Find out how the value of a UNH education includes research and internship opportunities starting in the first year, valuable scholarships and financial aid and so much more in this Parents Guide blog post.

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Here's why UNH is a valuable choice for you and your student:

UNH professor and student in classroom

College of Liberal Arts classroom

A wide variety of academic opportunities

UNH’s 100+ areas of study mean that your student’s academic options will never be limited. UNH students get to say yes to multiple areas of interest by choosing to double major, or add a dual major or minor. Switching majors is also easy and your student will be supported throughout the process. Whatever academic major your student chooses, or even if they come in undecided, they will be mentored and join a community of curious and driven learners from day one. Our Accelerated Master's program is also a great value add-on for students who want to begin graduate studies during their time as an undergraduate, saving time and money. 

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UNH Family Weekend

UNH Family Weekend 

Valuable scholarships and financial aid 

Our financial aid and scholarship opportunities make sure a valuable UNH education is within reach. 95% of first-year students receive need-based aid and/or merit scholarships. Just by applying to UNH, your student will be automatically considered for merit scholarships. UNH's wide range of life-changing merit scholarships also stand out by combining serious tuition dollars with academic opportunity and community. The Granite Guarantee even offers free tuition to Pell-eligible NH residents.

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UNH Career Fair

UNH Career Fair

Internship and pre-professional opportunities to set your student on track

75% of 2022 grads experienced an internship or pre-professional opportunity while at UNH. That means that the majority of undergrads get a head start on learning more about career fields of interest and getting to know the professional workplace. Internships can even lead to jobs post-graduation. 39% of 2022 grads who had an internship had a full-time job offer from an internship. Read some of our student internship stories, including Abigail's story and Kathryn's story.

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College of Life Sciences and Agriculture research at Woodman Farm

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture research at Woodman Farm

Research starting in their first year

UNH student regularly join research labs and are mentored by professors on research, starting in their first year. Being an undergraduate researcher means learning important skills that translate to further education and the workplace, along with being able to directly apply classroom learnings to the field. Read more about what undergrad students learned from their research experiences in our blog about researching as an undergrad

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UNH grad students using MCBS Instrumentation

UNH grad students using MCBS Instrumentation 

Successful student outcomes

After graduation, our students succeed, landing dream jobs and furthering their education. 94% of 2022 grads were employed or furthering their education 3-12 months after graduation. Our Career and Professional Success Office (CaPS) guides students and the Career and Internship Fair brings employers from all industries to campus.

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