New England Regional Student Program (NERSP)

The University of New Hampshire participates in the New England Board of Higher Education's New England Regional Student Program (NERSP) where New England public universities and colleges offer a number of undergraduate curricula with reduced tuition to students from other New England states.

New England residents admitted to participating programs pay the UNH in-state tuition plus seventy-five percent. If you change your major to a non-participating major prior to receiving your degree, you will be required to pay the regular out-of-state tuition for the remainder of your time at UNH. The NERSP tuition rate is subject to change at any time, as is the list of approved UNH programs.

Students applying to a NERSP-approved major will be eligible to receive the NERSP tuition-discount, including any merit scholarship that students may qualify for based on academic achievement

When considering a change of major to or from a NERSP-approved major, students should contact the financial aid office concerning possible changes in need based financial aid.

Follow this link for a listing of UNH majors currently available through NERSP and to view the tuition rate.