Transfer Credits

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Checking your Transfer Credits

Please feel free to checkout our UNH Transfer Database to view how courses at other institutions have transferred into the University of New Hampshire.

You want to know which credits from your previous college coursework have transferred to UNH, and how. Use your MyUNH account to find a summary of your transfer credits:

  • Log into your MyUNH account
  • Select the “Webcat” tab and click “Continue” to access Webcat
  • Select “Student Records”
  • Select "Transcript"
  • Select “Academic Transcript”
  • Note: Courses currently in progress are listed with an “IP” grade. Transfer of these courses is provisional, pending receipt of an official transcript showing your final grades.

Your class-year status at UNH depends upon the number of semester hours you have completed that have successfully transferred to UNH:

  • Freshman: 0-25 semester hours
  • Sophomore: 26-57 semester hours
  • Junior: 58-89 semester hours
  • Senior: 90+ semester hours

How UNH Evaluates Credits for Transfer

The Admissions Office determines how coursework from your current and/or previous colleges will transfer to UNH. Please note that until you’re enrolled, your prior credits are evaluated only in terms of how they fulfill Discovery Program requirements (the UNH equivalent of general education requirements). Once you’re enrolled, you can have your credits evaluated against requirements for your major. You can learn more about University Academic Requirements and the Discovery Program by consulting the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Here are some details about initial evaluation of  your college transcript(s):

  • You must complete your coursework at a fully accredited institution.
  • You must receive at least a “C” (or equivalent) in your courses.
  • Courses may not be remedial/vocational in nature, nor taken as part of a certificate program.
  • Mathematics courses must be at the Pre-Calculus level or higher. (No credit is awarded for courses that duplicate high-school-level Algebra or below. Credit is awarded for Finite Mathematics and Statistics courses.)
  • You will receive credit for elementary-level foreign language courses only if you have not completed two or more years in the same language during high school.
  • You must send official scores for College Board AP Examinations or the College Level Examination Program to the Admissions Office for review and possible credit award.
  • If you would like to see how UNH awards AP credit please check here 
  • The maximum credits accepted in transfer from all non-UNH sources are:
    • 96 semester hours toward a bachelor’s degree
    • 48 semester hours toward an associate degree
    • 72 semester hours from associate-level coursework (does not apply to UNH associate degree programs)
  • The final quarter of your degree credits (32 credits for baccalaureate, 16 credits for an associate degree) must be taken at UNH, unless you are granted permission by the Academic Standards and Advising Committee to transfer part of this work from other accredited institutions.

If you have questions about your transfer credit award, contact the Admissions Office directly at (603) 862-1360, or email us at Revisions to your credit evaluation will be made on your UNH transcript and can be viewed from your MyUNH account.

Admission to Alternate Majors

Unfortunately, UNH can’t offer every admitted transfer student a place in the major he or she applied to but will admit a student into an alternate major. Some programs have space limitations; others require the completion of specific coursework. However, many UNH students eventually apply to these restricted or competitive majors as an “internal transfer” after fulfilling the necessary coursework. It’s important to note that it is not always possible for transfer students to switch into a restricted major, and some programs do not accept transfers.

If you have questions, we have answers. Call the Admissions Office at (603) 862-1360.