Readmission and Reinstatement Information

To complete readmission for the University of New Hampshire, please complete this application for readmission. The application needs to be printed and sent to the following address or emailed to

UNH Admissions
3 Garrison Ave

Durham NH 03824


  • Fall semester: June 1
  • Spring semester: November 1

Who should apply for readmission?

  1. Students who have withdrawn from the University of New Hampshire.
  2. Students whose student type has been changed to “degree status discontinued” after missing the 6-semester window to apply for reinstatement post academic suspension or leave of absence or the 4-semester window to apply for reinstatement post disciplinary suspension.

If you have left UNH due to academic suspension, disciplinary suspension or a leave of absence, the process to return to UNH is outlined below.

How do I return to UNH if I was academically suspended?

If you are returning from academic suspension, you should complete the reinstatement form located on the Registrar’s website here.

Students that have been academically suspended retain access to UNH email and all other UNH accounts. Students that do not return within 6 semesters will lose access when their degree status will be discontinued.

How do I return if I left UNH after a disciplinary suspension?

Students seeking to reenroll for courses after a disciplinary suspension must complete and submit a Return from Suspension application. The Director of Community Standards will verify eligibility and review all evidence demonstrating any required conditions have been satisfied prior to approval and reinstatement. More information about the reinstatement process can be found online at

How do I return if I left UNH for a Leave of Absence?

Students who wish to return from a Leave of Absence should contact the Registrar’s office ( You can learn more the Leave of Absence process, return information and contact information on the Registrar’s website.

How do I return if I left UNH on a Health Leave of Absence?

Undergraduate Durham and Manchester students who wish to return from a Health Leave of Absence must complete a Request Form and send it to Dr. Blackman via scan/email ( or fax (603.862.3550 attn: Michael Blackman) along with a Support Letter (see below). 

You can learn more the Health Leave of Absence process, return information and contact information on the Dean of Students website. The website also contains contact information for health leaves for graduate, law, and CPS online students.

Transcripts of Non-UNH Coursework

Coursework completed at other institutions will be evaluated for transfer credit upon receipt of an official transcript. The transcript must include final grades for all coursework completed, including coursework in progress at the time of application.

Financial Aid

The deadline for filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is March 1. Additional information is available at the Financial Aid website.


While the University does not guarantee on-campus housing for readmitted students, you may contact the Housing Office at (603) 862-2120 regarding the availability of on-campus housing

New Hampshire Residency Statement

New Hampshire Residents: If you were previously enrolled as a NH resident, please submit your residency statement required by New Hampshire state law for all students paying in-state tuition.


  • If you have already earned a degree from UNH (baccalaureate or associate) and are interested in a second degree, apply as a transfer student. Please note: You cannot apply for a second B.A. degree.
  • If you were enrolled in an associate's degree program at the Thompson School or UNH Manchester and wish to apply to a baccalaureate degree program, apply as a two to four year transfer.
  • If you are planning to finish your degree requirements during a summer session, or finish your graduation requirements at another college or university, contact the Registrar’s Office at (603) 862-1590 for information about “Reinstatement for Graduation” procedures.