How I Chose My Major

Coming into school, I knew that I wanted to work in a field where I was doing some sort of advocacy work for and with people. Learn More
How I Chose My Major
I went back and forth for a while, but then landed on biology as there are so many fields of work you can go into after your schooling. Learn More
Before coming to UNH, I really wasn’t sold on any major. Eventually, I decided that business was the right way to go since there are so many options. Learn More
I wouldn't have had half of the opportunities and experiences that I did without being undeclared first. Learn More
Gavin Blonda '25
"There aren’t too many schools where you can accomplish two full-degree programs that have absolutely no overlap." Learn More
The support I felt as an undeclared student at UNH was unbelievable. Learn More
Gabe Dennett '25
I think the coolest parts of both exercise science and nutrition are the immediate, practical applications of what I am learning to my everyday life. Learn More
Maggie Keenan '24
Maggie '24 talks about finding the perfect hangout spot in Paul College and joining different student organizations. Learn More
Isabel Gillam '25
Isabel '25 balances hands-on experience in the classroom with an upcoming study abroad trip to Oxford Brookes University.  Learn More