As a prospective student, you may be wondering, what scholarships are available at UNH?

UNH students are high achievers, from the research they produce, to the hard work they put into their academics and extracurricular activities.  

Today, we’ll be talking about two life-changing scholarships that make it possible for you to join this Wildcat community of high achievers.

These scholarships can make a valuable UNH education more affordable for you. They can also open the door to a world of opportunity and a strong community of peers, mentors and faculty.

Last week, we talked about the benefits of applying Early Action to UNH. Applying Early Action means that you have a chance to be considered for these life-changing scholarships.

Read on to learn more about the Hamel Scholarship and the CEPS Industry Scholarship.

UNH Hamel Scholars

Hamel Scholarship


What is it?

The Hamel Scholarship is the university’s premier scholarship program for New Hampshire students who are academically talented and civically engaged.


When do I need to apply to UNH?

 You must apply Early Action (by Nov. 15) to be considered for the Hamel Scholarship.


Why should I apply?

Here are a few of the life-changing impacts of being a Hamel Scholar:

  • Residential honors community

  • Unique leadership and networking opportunities

  • Access to the best of what a top research university has to offer


Who are Hamel Scholars?

  • They’re honors students
  • They come from any major at UNH
  • They share a strong sense of community


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Meet a Hamel Scholar: Eden Suoth ’18


UNH CEPS Innovation Scholars

CEPS Industry Scholarship


What is it?

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) Industry Scholarship is the university’s signature merit award for engineering students.


When do I need to apply to UNH?

 You must apply Early Action (by Nov. 15) to be considered for the CEPS Industry Scholarship. 


Why should I apply?

The scholarship covers a significant portion of tuition, fees, and room and board for all four years of the awardee’s UNH career.


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salt marsh lab UNH students

These two life-changing scholarships provide UNH students with not only financial assistance, but also:

  • strong communities
  • the abilty to easily forge relationships with peers and faculty
  • leadership opportunities to grow and become the best versions of themselves
  • the confidence to reach for the most success possible at unh and beyond

These scholarships are also two more reasons to apply Early Action to UNH to qualify for them.

Get started learning more about these scholarships today to make your time at UNH memorable and create a lasting impact on your career and professional development after graduation!