It’s finally that time: You and your student have worked your way through the entire application process, hit submit and received admissions decisions from schools. You and your student are now working on making that final college decision. How do you guide your student towards making the best choice for them?

Our Parents Guide blog series is here to help you guide your student towards making the right decisions throughout the college application and decision processes. Today, in no particular order, we’re sharing 15 ways to know if a college is the right fit for your student. For each number, we're sharing  quotes from UNH students about why they love UNH and the amazing experiences they have had on our campus.

UNH students walking on campus

UNH students walking on campus

1. Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

“I’ve always valued hands-on learning experiences…I immediately gravitated towards UNH.”

-Natalie ‘23

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2. There’s always something to do on campus.

"College Woods has been a great place for me to go to spend more time being active outside. There are plenty of well-maintained trails perfect for going on a walk with friends or going on a solo run."

-Caroline '24

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3. The campus is located in the middle of everywhere.

“Location-wise, UNH really has it all: easy access to the White Mountains with their trails and skiing, the Gulf of Maine, Portland, Boston and so much more.”

-Franny ‘25

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UNH student receiving diploma at College of Health and Human Services graduation 

UNH student receiving diploma at College of Health and Human Services graduation 

4. Students succeed post-graduation.

“UNH provided me with both the knowledge necessary to attend grad school as well as many skills, both technical and interpersonal.”

-Tori '23

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5. Your student feels safe and supported.

“The Beauregard Center has become an essential place during my UNH journey because that is where I met some of my closest friends. It is a safe place in which I feel like I belong and I’m supported.”

-Tinotenda ‘24

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6. There are opportunities to intern and try out career areas.

“The more I learn about the professional field, the more I can determine what I want to do after graduation.”

-Kathryn ‘24

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Harvesting flax from UNH's Woodman Farm

Harvesting flax from UNH's Woodman Farm

7. Students work towards something greater.

Corporate sustainability is something I’m passionate about!”

-Nate ‘25

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8. Varied housing options meet every student’s needs.

"One thing I decided to do was to live in one of the transfer communities that UNH has on campus, which helped me meet people who were in a similar position to myself and bond with them."

-Brendan '25

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9. It's okay to be undeclared.

"I wouldn't have had half of the opportunities and experiences that I did without being undeclared first. While it was an unexpected beginning, I wouldn't change my UNH journey at all."

-Quinn '21

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UNH observatory

UNH observatory

10. Research starts in the first year of undergrad.

"Across my research projects, I have worked with four professors from different disciplines. This allowed me to build relationships with faculty both in and outside of my home in the political science department."

-Ginger '25

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11. Students don’t have to choose between their academic interests.

Every professor I had was interested in helping me make sure I was able to take the somewhat unusually diverse array of classes I wanted.”

-Jason ‘24

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12. It’s easy to get involved & make friends

“Club tennis gave me so many people that have become some of my closest friends.”

-Elle ‘26

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Jordan '25 with professor and other students while studying abroad in France

Jordan '25 with professor and other students while studying abroad in France

13. Students learn about themselves by traveling the world.

“Being on your own in a new area is scary, but by my third day in Aix-en-Provence, I had a wonderful friend group and had met so many people.”

-Jordan ‘25

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14. Advisors and mentors care about your student.

I have mentors who have been monumental influences in my life and collectively reshaped my thinking for the better.”

-Gabe ‘25

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15. There are spots for every type of studying.

“The Hubbard Reading Room is a designated quiet space in the library, so I am always able to focus on whatever project I am working on. The walls are also mostly windows, so there is always plenty of natural light.

-Caroline ‘24

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