UNH’s Admitted Student Visit Days (ASVDs) are coming up. You may be wondering, what is the purpose of Admitted Student Visit Day? Admitted Student Visit Day is your chance to get to know UNH student life firsthand and imagine yourself on campus. It’s also the time to get all your questions answered and dive deeper into academics, student life and living on campus.

UNH campus tour

UNH campus tour

Each college hosts its own Admitted Student Visit Day, as well as smaller events for those who can’t make the main date. Here are the Admitted Student Visit Day dates for this year:

Wondering what you’ll do at Admitted Student Visit Day? Take the following choose-your-own-adventure quiz* to plan your day:

*Count how many of each letter you choose and add them up at the end for your results. There are no wrong answers. Take the quiz as many times as you want to help you decide your path for ASVD!

UNH first-year student orientation

UNH first-year student orientation 

Question #1:

What are you most excited for in college?

A) I look forward to being on my own & independent.

B) I want to make new friends.

C) I can't wait for all the cool classes I’ll get to take.

D) I know I'll love living on campus.

E) I'm excited to show my school spirit.

Question #2:

What are you most interested in seeing in person at UNH?

A) I want to see whole campus.

B) I can't wait to meet the students I'll be in classes with.

C) I want to look around academic buildings & labs for my major. 

D) I'm excited to see where I'll live in my residence hall.

E) I want to see the stadium, hockey arena and sports facilities. 

UNH campus tour at Dimond Library

UNH campus tour at Dimond Library

Question #3:

What do you have the most questions about at UNH?

A) I want to learn how to navigate the campus.

B) I'd like advice on finding a roommate and making friends.

C) I want to be advised on which classes I need to take.

D) I want to know more about what housing options are available.

E) I want to learn about how I can be active on campus.

Question #4:

If you could ask a current UNH student one question, what would it be?

A) What’s your favorite place on campus?

B) What’s the best way to make friends in college?

C) What’s your favorite class you’ve taken so far?

D) What’s the best residence hall to live in?

E) How do you balance schoolwork and being a student-athlete?

UNH first-year student orientation

UNH first-year student orientation 

Question #5:

How do you think you’ll approach Admitted Student Visit Day?

A) I’ll take the lead on determining my schedule and asking questions myself.

B) I’ll try to get to know other prospective students while I’m there.

C) I’ll let my parents/ family help guide me through the day.

D) My parents/ family and I will work together to ask questions.

E) I’ll seek out advice from faculty, staff and current UNH students.

UNH Become the Roar orientation tradition

UNH Become the Roar orientation tradition

Your Results

Mostly As: The Independent Future Wildcat

You’re excited to be on your own in college and Admitted Student Visit Day is your time to practice doing just that! Take the lead on determining your schedule for the day and choose academic sessions to attend and resource fair representatives to speak with based on what you’re excited about and where you see yourself in college. Consider taking time after scheduled events have ended to grab a map and keep exploring campus on your own and end your day with dinner and shopping in downtown Durham.

Mostly Bs: The Community-Oriented Future Wildcat

You can’t wait to make friends and bring people together on campus and Admitted Student Visit Day is your time to start! Remember that most other admitted students also don’t know anyone and getting to know them can help you feel more grounded and give you a chance to commiserate about the college decision process. Throughout your day, try to get to know other admitted students and be sure to ask about student organizations and involvement at the resource fair. You can also learn more about roommates and residence life communities from residential life.

Mostly Cs: The Future Academic Explorer

You can’t wait to get into the classroom (and outside of the classroom!) to dive deeper into your major. Admitted Student Visit Day is your chance to ask all the specific questions you have about classes, research and more at UNH. Bring something to take notes during academic sessions/visits and come up with a list of questions ahead of time to ask. Take note of where you’ll be learning and studying during the campus tour and grab a map afterwards to keep exploring the academic areas you’ll frequent as a UNH student.

Mostly Ds: “This is My Future Home!”

You can’t wait to call UNH your home, from becoming a part of a residence hall community, to setting up your room, to eating at the dining halls. Admitted Student Visit Day is your chance to close your eyes and picture this campus as your future home. Plan where you’ll study, hang out and relax during a tour led by a current student. Ask all your questions about making your residence hall feel like home during a residence life tour and presentation. Take the opportunity to eat at the dining hall on campus to preview your favorite meals!

Mostly Es: The Active Future Wildcat

You can’t wait to be active on campus, whether as a student-athlete or through club/ intramural sports and other recreation options. Check out Wildcat Stadium, Hamel Recreation Center and The Whitt during or after your walking tour of campus. Consider exploring College Woods at the end of the day. Take time during the resource fair to learn about active student organizations and if you are a student-athlete, ask current students about advice for balancing schoolwork and athletics.


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What is Admitted Student Visit Day at UNH?

At Admitted Student Visit Day, you will have the chance to meet with current students and faculty, tour our campus, dive deeper into residence and student life and do so much more! read more about admitted student visit day