Campus Tour

How can you support your student during campus visits? Read on for our top tips for touring college campuses. Learn More
Off the Beaten Path
Paige talks about the best places to spend time on campus, including cozy cafés and enjoying the outdoors. Learn More
What Is a Campus Tour?
A college tour is the best way to see campus buildings and areas of student life with your own eyes and decide on the best college for you. Learn More
Off the Beaten Path
When classes are done or when Kelsea has a free Saturday, she gets in the car, chooses a direction and starts driving, usually towards the ocean. Learn More
Off the Beaten Path
Caroline's favorite places include the beautiful foliage of College Woods and preparing snacks for D1 athletes at the Fueling Station. Learn More
Discover a Future in Technology at the UNH InterOperability Lab
At the UNH InterOperability Laboratory (IOL), a full-scale technology testing lab, interns test the technology in the devices we use every day. Learn More
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