What Is a Campus Tour?

Emily Kulp

Are you ready to plan your UNH campus visit and tour our campus? Prospective students have told us they love visiting UNH over the summer. You can grab an ice cream at the Campus Creamery, enjoy the beautiful weather andthe best partsee everything UNH has to offer with your own eyes.

What is a campus visit? Is a campus visit worth it? A college tour is the best way to see campus buildings and areas of student life with your own eyes and decide on the best college for you. Read on to learn how to plan your UNH visit and what it will include!

UNH students walking on campus
UNH students walking on campus

Why should I visit UNH?

Visiting UNH will enable you to see the campus for yourself, including residence halls, dining halls, classroom buildings, student life facilities and so much more. You’ll also be able to ask specific questions you may have about UNH and hear the perspective of a current student (your tour guide).

How can I sign up for a tour and information session?

Visit here to sign up for a tour and information session! You’ll be able to choose the date and time that work for you.

Who will lead my tour?

Your tour of UNH will be led by a current UNH student tour guide. These students love UNH and can’t wait to share with you everything about campus, talk about their UNH experience and answer all your questions!

UNH tour
UNH student leading campus tour 

How long is a UNH campus tour?

Your tour (including a brief information session at the beginning) will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes total. At the end of this time, you will have the opportunity to ask your tour guide more questions and meet with admissions counselors in Smith Hall, our admissions building. 

What will my campus tour be like?

You'll be walking a lot, so wear comfy shoes and dress for the weather! Your tour guide will stop at various indoor and outdoor locations around campus to talk about that location and answer any questions. 

Tour stops may include:

  • A residence hall and room
  • The MUB (student union)
  • The Hamel Recreation Center 
  • Dining areas
  • Dimond Library
  • An academic building & classrooms

What will my information session be like?

All tours start with a brief information session with UNH undergraduate admissions. This is your chance to learn some background information about our campus and location. It is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have before starting the tour.

UNH admissions tour
UNH admissions tour

What should I ask on my tour?

Your campus tour is your chance to explore campus fully and learn more about the experience of a real student (your tour guide). Every question is a good question! Here are a few ideas if you're not sure what to ask your tour guide:

  • "Why did you choose UNH?"
  • "What's your favorite thing about UNH?"
  • "How did UNH prepare you for deciding what you want to do after graduation?"
  • "How have you found friends and community on campus?"
  • "If we have time after the tour, what else do you recommend we check out at UNH and in Durham?"
UNH admissions tour
UNH student leading campus tour 

What if I can’t visit in person?

If you can’t visit UNH in person, visit this page to learn about other visit options and check out our virtual tour for a 360-degree experience!

You are going places. This summer, make UNH one of them!

What You Might Not See on Your Campus Tour

Though our tours give an overview of the most important parts of campus, they don’t have time to cover everything. Let’s talk about some unique campus features and locations that are off the beaten path!

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