Touring our UNH campus is a great way to learn more about what life as a UNH student will be like and to picture yourself here. Though our tours give an overview of the most important parts of campus, they don’t have time to cover everything.

Today, let’s talk about some unique campus features and locations that are off the beaten path!

UNH Abenaki Trails

The Abenaki Trails in College Brook Ravine

Looking for a peaceful place on campus to get away from the hustle and bustle? Take a walk through the Abenaki Trails in College Brook Ravine. You’ll hear the peaceful trickle of the brook and find yourself surrounded by the secluded woods. You’ll also notice the new trail signs and QR Codes that teach you more about the trail and bridge Abenaki names which exemplify the historical importance of Abenaki place names.

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UNH Chase Ocean Engineering Lab

The Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory

This impressive facility includes a deep-water testing basin and a wave maker. UNH students use the Chase Lab for ocean engineering research, including ocean mapping, developing oil spill response technology and so much more!

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UNH kiwiberries

Woodman Horticultural Research Farm

The Woodman Farm offers scenic views and is the site of exciting agricultural research, including the most expansive kiwiberry breeding research project in the nation! The kiwiberry is part kiwi fruit and part berry, with great potential for commercial success.

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UNH campus art

Works of Art

UNH’s campus art is everywhere! From the cardinal by Health and Wellness, to the Little Red Wagon outside the Paul Creative Arts Center, to the Wildcat Statue by the Whittemore Center, there are so many cool statues and murals to take in as you walk around our campus. 

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UNH College Woods

College Woods

Did you know that as a UNH student you’ll have access to 250 acres of woods, fields and streams, right here on campus? UNH classes and research take place in College Woods and the woods are also a favorite place for walking, running, cross country skiing and other recreation. If you love the outdoors, you’ll appreciate having College Woods right in your backyard!  

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There is so much more to see on our campus!


wish you were here atlantic ocean 20 minutes from UNH

Experience UNH's Middle-of-Everywhere Location

Today, we’re talking about UNH’s middle-of-everywhere location, including the fun day trips you’ll take to the beach, the city and the mountains, the professional opportunities you’ll have access to and the campus that will feel like home. read more about our location