Today, we’re talking about UNH’s middle-of-everywhere location, including the fun day trips you’ll take to the beach, the city and the mountains, the professional opportunities you’ll have access to and the campus that will feel like home. Visit our campus this summer and experience everything about our amazing location for yourself!

Read on to learn more about all the places you will adventure to from our middle-of-everywhere location:


Wish you were here Boston MA one hour from UNH


Check out our Boston day trip blog post and video.

Hop on the train at our campus Amtrak station and travel to Boston, MA in an hour. Wildcats take advantage of the many internships and professional opportunities in the city, such as our Semester in the City program, where students intern with a leading social change organization. They also love to catch a Red Sox game and enjoy shopping, dining and sightseeing in Boston.


The Atlantic Ocean

wish you were here atlantic ocean 20 minutes from UNH


We’re 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. That means a day at the beach is only a short drive away. It also means students research at off-site state-of-the-art research complexes such as the Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex in New Castle, NH.


Portsmouth, NH

wish you were here Portsmouth 20 minutes from UNH


Check out our Portsmouth day trip blog post and video.

The coastal city of Portsmouth is also a 20-minute drive from campus. Students love being able to eat at Portsmouth’s outstanding restaurants, shop and catch arts performances. 


White Mountains 

wish you were here White Mountains one hour from campus


Check out our White Mountains day trip blog post.

One hour from campus, hike, ski and take in the sights of the White Mountains.

Portland, ME

wish you were here Portland Maine one hour from campus


One hour from campus, students enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment on a day trip to Portland.

Our Campus

wish you were here this beautiful campus


Explore Downtown Durham in 360 degrees

Right here, our campus you’ll call home has everything you need. We’re a top-10 safest campus with a downtown full of dining, shopping and entertainment. Our students love sitting on T-Hall lawn on a warm day, hiking the 250 acres of College Woods or grabbing coffee in Union Court in the MUB.

We can't wait to see you soon! Schedule a campus visit or tour today. 

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