Campus Safety


Campus Safety

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Proud to consistently be ranked one of the top 10 safest college campuses.

Every day at the University of New Hampshire, we put into practice our mission of student safety. That’s why we are consistently ranked one of the top-10 safest college campuses in the country. We are proud to be a nationwide leader on this important ranking because it defines our community. You will feel safe here.

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The Beauregard Center:
Equity, Justice and Freedom

Education. Advocacy. Community-building. The Beauregard Center supports underrepresented students and their allies and helps to steward a safer, more supportive campus environment.

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Community and inclusion for LGBTQIAP+ students

From the dorms to the classroom, we are an LGBTQIAP+— inclusive campus. The Safe Zone program promotes one of UNH’s most powerful shared values: this is a place where we come together as allies for all Wildcats.

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Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program

Staff members and trained student advocates stand up for survivors and healthy relationships, providing confidential resources and advocacy, along with campus-wide prevention initiatives.

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    Paul Dean
    Faces of Safety at UNH
    Team Players

    Meet Chief Dean. He’s not your average campus police chief. He’s engaged in campus life and our community, leading his team to get to know each of our students and earn their trust with fairness, compassion and respect. This integrity is the foundation of our safe living and learning environment.

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    Faces of Safety at UNH

    Wildcats take care of each other, whether it’s building inclusive communities or creating a culture where it’s ok to ask for help. Just look at the Peer Ambassador program for our campus Psychological and Counseling Services. Students who are passionate about the well-being of their fellow students help to normalize mental health care – and ensure all Wildcats have access to the supports they need.

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    Faces of Safety at UNH
    Top dogs

    At UNH, being everyone’s favorite dog means being an honorary Wildcat. That’s Charlee’s story. Trained by Hero Pups, Charlee accompanies Chief Dean and the UNH police officers to help create a safe, comfortable environment for students. The bottom line: wet noses for all Wildcats.

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    COVID-19 Response
    Providing solutions and meeting unprecedented challenges.

    Our leadership as one of the top 10 safest campuses in the country was even more critical this fall as COVID-19 called on the Wildcat community’s innovation, flexibility and resilience. Hear from some of our current students about how they didn’t just feel safe on UNH’s open campus this fall: they felt especially proud to be Wildcats. It’s the big things–like establishing our own state-of-the-art testing lab –and the even bigger things, like how we take care of each other.

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Safety Resources

Rave Guardian and uSafeUS Apps

Reach out to campus safety anytime, in real time, straight from your smart phone, with RAVE Guardian and uSafeUS apps.

Blue Light Emergency Telephones

Wherever you are on campus, there’s a Blue Light in sight. Activate the phone for a direct connection to the UNH Communication Center. 

Police Escorts

Walking escorts for all Wildcats anywhere on campus.


We are defined by our culture of inclusion. Every day at UNH, we strive to confront bias and discrimination and build an environment that brings out the best in each of our students. This takes leadership and teamwork. Wildcat to Wildcat and staff member to staff member. Campus-wide. 24/7.

Residence Halls

Every residence hall on campus has electronic card access systems for 24-hour swipe entry. Students simply swipe their UNH ID for secure entry into their hall. Watch this video to learn more about housing safety, and discover why UNH and Durham are consistently ranked among safest campuses and college towns in the U.S.