Real-world opportunities such as internships and experiential learning are an integral part of the UNH education. The majority of UNH students work internships over their four years and there are so many reasons why. To name a few, getting an internship while at UNH is easy, students know it will give them a window into a desired career field and experiential learning helps them stand out to hiring managers.

UNH students at internship fair

 For UNH students, learning begins in the classroom and continues in the field. This post answers all your questions about internships and real-world learning at UNH.

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How many UNH students do internships?



Most UNH students work an internship or some other form of experiential learning while at UNH! Nearly three-fourths of 2021 graduates (72%) left UNH with experiential learning in the form of an internship, practicum, clinical or fieldwork


72% of 2021 grads did experiential learning: internships, practicums, clinicals or fieldwork!

UNH students participating in Semester in the City


What internships are available at UNH?



There are so many  internship opportunities available both on and off campus for UNH students!


UNH students intern at hundreds of different organizations including:

* numbers are number of members of the class of 2021 who interned at this location

  • BAE Systems, Inc. (4)
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital (5)
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (3)
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital (18)
  • Pratt & Whitney (4)
  • Ernst & Young (6)
  • Fidelity Investments (10)
  • John Hancock (3)
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance (5)
  • Lincoln Financial Group (8)
  • University of New Hampshire (196)
  • Wentworth Douglass Hospital (19)


Do interns get paid?



There are many opportunities for paid and even fully-funded internships and experiential learning opportunities at UNH. Many colleges offer competitive stipends for unpaid internships, such as the Paul College Internship Opportunity Fund and the CEPS FUEL Fund. Students can also get academic credit for some internships.




Of 2021 UNH graduates who did at least one internship, 63% had at least one paid internship and 52% had at least one internship for academic credit.


 Unique experiential learning opportunities at UNH:

Paid internships at start-up companies 

boston semester in the city

the washington center program

CEPS mentorship program

summer sustainability fellowship


UNH student participating in Semester in the City


Who gets internships at UNH?



So many UNH students thrive at their internships and learn important career and professional skills.

Meet Sophia Bolduc '23

Where she interned: Community Action Partnership 

Her major: Health Management and Policy

What she did:  advancement & marketing

What she learned: how she can make a difference in feeding her community


Meet Mel Nagashima '22 

Where he interned: Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

His major: Communication and International Affairs 

What he did: interned at a non-profit 

                                                                                      What he learned: how non-profit communications can help immigrant families                                                                                                                                         

UNH student working internship


How do I get an internship?



Here are a few ways to find an internship while at UNH:

Reach out to CaPS

UNH Career and Professional Success (CaPS) is prepared to help you find a successful internship placement. You can also use tools like LinkedIn and Handshake to network and search for internships.


Your academic department

Internships are an integral part of lots of programs and majors at UNH and some programs and majors even have universal internship or field work completion. Many professors have extensive career networks in their fields, offering students assistance in finding an internship. Career coaches are also integrated into every college, meaning that career and internship advising are always available to students. 


Internship Fair

Attend the CaPS Career & Internship Fair to meet with employers from all industries!


UNH students at internship fair


Why should I get an internship?



There are so many reasons why a majority of UNH students work internships or explore experiential learning.

Not sure what you want to do after UNH?

Working one or more internship will allow you to get a feel for a career area to help you decide if it’s a field you’re excited about working in.


Professional experience

Employers are looking for graduates who have had experience being in a professional environment and learning the skills that come with that experience. Your internship(s) will be a highlight on your resume showing you have put in the valuable professional work it takes to succeed.


Applied learning

Internships give you the opportunity to take what you've learned in class and apply it in the field. 


Of 2021 graduates who did at least one internship, 38% had at least one internship resulting in a full-time job offer. Of those with a full-time job offer, 63% accepted the offer


UNH students walking on campus


Your college experience can help you get a head start on personal development and professional success. At UNH, students find it easy to work internships that excite them and allow them to try out new career fields or gain experience in a professional area. As a result, they build stronger resumes and have more success finding jobs and furthering their education after graduation. 

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