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Shadow a Wildcat Day

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Shadow a Wildcat Virtually

Get a one on one look at what being a Wildcat is all about. Connect with a student to ask questions about their major, extracurricular involvement, relationship with faculty, and day to day life on campus.  After your registration, we will connect you with a current UNH student who will meet you on the zoom session.

You can sign up to connect with a current UNH student on Thursday, May 6. The sign-up form will ask you to indicate your academic area of interest. We will do our best to connect you with a student with your shared academic interest, which may not always be possible due to our students' schedules. However, we will work hard to match you up with another student. At the time of your registration, you will receive a zoom link to access the session. An Admissions staff will be available during the session to help connect you with a current student and answer any of your admission questions.   

Thursday, May 6 | 4-5 PM
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Here are a few questions we recommend thinking about before your scheduled shadow conversation.

  • What was your first week like on campus? 
  • How was it to make friends?
  • What classes are you taking this semester?
  • Have you made connections with any faculty members?
  • Have you had an internship or done research?  How did you find that opportunity?
  • What are some clubs and organizations that you are involved in?   How did you get involved?
  • juliana-good.jpg

    Juliana Good
    Meet a Wildcat.

    “In working with all the faculty here and being lifted up by my peers and other people that I work with, I have just gained a sense of ‘I can do it!’ and that has been really empowering.”

    —Juliana Good, '20

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  • Nooran Alhamdan spotlight

    UNH student Nooran Alhamdan
    Meet a Wildcat.

    "I just feel like everything seems more attainable now and that I am being recognized for my passion."

    - Nooran Alhamdan '20
    Truman Scholarship Winner

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  • Chase Retrosi Spotlight

    Chase Retrosi
    Meet a Wildcat.

    “You can take risks. You can act on your passions. You can discover new things that you’re interested in.”

    —Chase Retrosi '20

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