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What clubs will you join at UNH? What will your student life path at UNH look like? Our new choose-your-own-adventure quiz series is here to help you find out. You will find fun quizzes on a range of topics for future Wildcats, from living on campus to finding your place. Up first: student clubs and organizations.

You’ve likely heard by now that the University of New Hampshire offers more than 200 student clubs and organizations. From a capella to outdoor recreation, community service to digital marketing, there are so many options for getting involved at UNH. Which clubs might be a great fit for you and your interests? Take the quiz* to find out!

*Count how many of each letter you choose and add them up at the end for your results! There are no wrong answers. Take the quiz as many times as you want to learn about the range of student organizations that you’ll find at UNH.

UNH students on UDay, a celebration of student organizations

UNH students on UDay, a celebration of student organizations

Question #1:

How would your high school classmates describe you?

A) The lynchpin: I like to bring people together and be part of something.

B) The advocate: I am energized being around people who also want to make the world a better place.

C) The ambitious achiever: I have clear goals for my professional future, and I am excited to make them happen.

D) The creative thinker: I live to express myself, whether it’s through the visual arts, creative writing or music.

E) The athlete: Playing sports and being active is my favorite outlet.

F) All of the above: They know I don’t believe in boxes.

Question #2:

Fill in the blank. I can’t wait for college because…

A) I’ll get to meet people from all over the world and find my place.

B) I’ll develop the expertise and skillset to affect positive change.

C) I’ll take concrete steps toward my dream career.

D) There will be so many opportunities to develop and showcase my creativity.

E) I’ll be able to cheer on D1 athletics teams, join a club team or level up my athleticism.

F) All of the above: I’m just excited about college because I know it will be a really great journey.

Question #3:

Imagine yourself at your college graduation. How did you make your closest friends?

A) Hosting campus events and/or helping other students find their place

B) Raising awareness for causes I care about

C) Being part of a supportive network of students with similar career goals

D) Acting in the school play, discussing poetry or dancing

E) Competing together, leading the student fan section or getting active outdoors

F) All of the above: I love it when I have circles of friends from different aspects of my life.

Question #4:

You have a free Saturday afternoon your first semester at college. How do you want to spend it?

A) Just hanging out with my friends or meeting new ones

B) Volunteering with a local organization

C) Grabbing coffee with an alumni working in my field

D) Doodling, crafting, journaling, singing or dancing

E) Taking a hike in the mountains, attending an athletics event or competing

F) All of the above: It depends on my mood!

Question #5:

What’s one area where you would like to grow?

A) Developing my skillset as a leader or mentor – I have a lot to give others

B) Becoming a more capable advocate – there are so many hard and soft skills that go into affecting change

C) Exploring different paths within my anticipated career so I can see what’s out there and forge my own

D) Cultivating my craft so I can connect more fully with different audiences

E) Trying out new training methods to boost my endurance, strength and recovery

F) All of the above: If I am open to new experiences, growth will happen.

UNH students enjoying ice cream at the Dairy Bar

UNH students enjoying ice cream at the Dairy Bar

Your Results

Mostly As: The Center-Of-It-All Wildcat

You love getting involved and helping to bring people together. When you think about college, you get excited anticipating all the new people you’ll be able to meet. Student life organizations might be a great fit for you, whether that’s getting involved in your residence hall council, planning engaging events for your peers as part of the Campus Activities Board or learning more about sororities and fraternities. If you’re interested in student organizations that foster community around culture and identity, you would likely enjoy connecting with the Diversity Support Coalition, a network of student organizations that support multiculturalism and diversity on campus. Want to develop your leadership skills and be a force for good? Student government might also be a rewarding path for you.

Mostly Bs: The Changemaker Wildcat

You have a vision for how the world could be a better place, and you want your college education to help prepare you to make that difference – and we aren’t just talking about the classroom. Regardless of your major, getting involved in a student organization that shares your commitment to service and advocacy can be a meaningful part of your journey. Interested in helping others? Learn more about organizations like Best Buddies UNH or Magic Wheelchair UNH. Want to explore service opportunities abroad? Get to know organizations like the UNH Chapter for Global Medical Brigades or Engineers without Borders. Passionate about sustainability? Consider joining the Organic Garden Club or Slow Food UNH. There are so many opportunities at UNH to meet people and gain new skills while contributing to a world that works better for all.

Mostly Cs: The Networking Wildcat

With so many pre-professional student organizations at UNH, building your professional network and developing your resume can look a lot like having fun, making friends and being supported on your career path. Whatever your professional goals, from engineering to occupational therapy, education to marketing, you’ll tap into a vibrant community of Wildcats here to share in the journey. Plus, you’ll benefit from amazing experiences, like participating in national conferences for your industry or hosting alumni speakers on campus.

Mostly Ds: The Express Yourself Wildcat

You can’t imagine your daily life at college without a creative outlet – or two or three. Whether you want to major in your creative passion or simply have it be part of your college life, you’ll find so many ways to inspire others and be inspired at UNH. Get moving with one of the many dance organizations. Try out for one of the student musical or theater groups. Experiment with improv with the sketch comedy club. Meet fellow wordsmiths working at The New Hampshire or share your love of music by getting involved with WUNH. And that just scratches the surface.

Mostly Es: The Team Player Wildcat

You love staying active, being part of a team and trying new things – and so do a lot of other Wildcats. Get outside with the New Hampshire Outing Club. Join a club team to keep growing in the sport you love. Cheer on Wildcat athletics. Discover a new sport. Start an intramural team. Whatever moves you, we bet you’ll find it at UNH.

Mostly Fs: The All-of-the-Above Wildcat

Let’s be real: UNH is an all-of-the-above kind of place. Wildcats have many interests, and they pursue them here. You get the most out of college when you can bring all of yourself to the experience – along with an openness to trying new things. Fill your day with whatever combination of pursuits lights you up. Club tennis and community service. Rock climbing and organic gardening. Building sets for the latest Shakespearean production and bringing together women in STEM. You get the idea. UNH is a place where you’ll hear the word “and” a lot. So, if you can’t describe your interests without using the word “and” at least a few times, you’ll fit right in.

The Bottom Line:

With more than 200 student clubs and organizations, there’s something for everyone at UNH, which means there’s a student organization (or several) for you. You can be a different kind of Wildcat depending on your mood or the day – and that’s one of the many strengths of this incredible community.


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