Want to learn more about the daily routine of a college student? Our UNH Takeover series features students from across campus sharing a day in their life. As we wrap up 2022, we're looking back at some of our favorite social media takeovers.

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Dina Rathke ’25, Communication major, Philadelphia, PA


"Through being (Student Body) Vice President, I've gotten to meet so many people across campus...I love having a voice and being able to use it through this role and I like advocating for students."


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 Tom Oliver ’23, Mechanical Engineering major, Franconia, NH


"The Ocean Engineering building...is where I'm doing my senior project. I'm on a team of people building a robotic fish and hopefully when it swims...we will be able to test it in these giant pools that we have at UNH (Chase Ocean Engineering Lab)."


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Alexis Eaton ’24, Environmental Engineering & Sustainability dual major


"I chose UNH for a lot of reasons...the Environmental Engineering program is really really strong and UNH is super sustainability-minded...there are also a ton of research oppotunities at UNH and I was really interested in that."


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  Johnnie Hughes ’26, Psychology major & Theatre minor, West Chester, PA


"As someone who's from West Chester, Pennsylvania...I really wanted to go out of state...I really like the New England area, especially New Hampshire."


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  • First-year students
  • Out-of-state students
  • UNH location 
  • Family Weekend


Riley Kavanagh ’23 & Pat Hussey ’24, Indigenous People's Day Takeover


"I'm doing research on indigenous health topics, specifically related to health education and its importance in these communities."


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  • Abenaki Trails
  • Indigenous People's Day
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies minor



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