Thiri San ‘23

Did you know that 59% of the UNH undergraduate class of 2026 are out-of-state students?

Why do out-of-state students love UNH? Find out this week, as Thiri San '23 and other out-of-state UNH students share their advice for out-of-state students.

Thiri's perspective:

Being an out-of-state student from Massachusetts, I was fortunate to be offered in-state tuition from UNH. However, there were so many other factors that made me excited to attend. For instance, I knew I would not be too far away from home and have to drive for hours or take flights back and forth.

Throughout my three and a half years on campus, I’ve learned to take advantage of all the opportunities that have interested me. There are many on-campus jobs and work-study positions available; I worked at Stillings Dining Hall as my first job, then became a mailroom assistant at the Woodside apartments, as well as a Zoom instructional assistant for a hospitality professor and most notably, a current social media intern for Admissions.

I’ve joined organizations such as the United Asian Coalition, which helped me find students of similar backgrounds to mine, and the Marketing & Advertising Club (MAC), which provided me with the knowledge and skills that I need in order to succeed in my desired career path.

One of the most important factors in my decision to choose UNH was the feeling I got during my tour of campus. During the tour, it felt as though our campus was home, and this notion has not changed for me throughout my time here.

UNH tour


Why do other out-of-state students love UNH?



A fresh start

“I like the fact that I was able to start fresh in a new environment with new people and recreate the person I wanted to be without anyone having presumptions about me.”

Gabrielle Gentile, Connecticut 

aerial view of foliage UNH


The beautiful foliage

“I like how it’s far from my house but still close enough. Fall here is way more beautiful than it is in Rhode Island and I love watching the leaves fall throughout the seasons.”

Kirsten Amaral, Rhode island 

UNH students in residence hall room


Growing as a person

“I’m very glad I chose UNH because of the personal growth it has allowed me to have. I’ve made so many new friends through living in dorm halls, joining a sorority, and collaborating with others in my classes and at work. My courses here have taught me a lot about the field that I want to work in (marketing) as well.”

Anna Shapiro, Maine 


“The distance from my house is perfect. It’s far enough where I feel like I am being independent, but I can still make the drive home when it’s needed.”

Kellie Giunti, maine 


UNH students cheering at hockey game


The ability to make new friends

“I chose UNH over a state school in MA since I wanted to get away from most of the people in my hometown and find opportunities to make new friends. I love that I get to see some familiar faces, but mostly new ones on campus.”

Korena Yetman, massachusetts 


Natural spaces

“I love how you’re always in touch with nature on campus. The life and the green are a comfort and reminds me of the open natural space I grew up with in Colorado.”

Corey Petix, colorado

NH seacoast aerial


Going to the beach

“I like being super close to the beach and the mountains. At home, I would have to drive over an hour to visit the beach, but here there are so many pretty ones around. I can also still drive home in a daytrip if I wanted to.”

Melissa Duggan, massachusetts

aerial view of UNH Main Street


As we have discovered, UNH is a beautiful school with a perfect location and so many academic, social and professional opportunities. If you’re a prospective out-of-state student, these reasons might be enough to persuade you to come, however you may still be looking for more. Come visit us, view our virtual tour and keep following the blog for more inside tips on applying to college and getting to know UNH!



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