5 Things to Know This Application Season

Sunday, August 15, 2021


Lily Neher ’23



#1 Know your dates and deadlines.
This year’s application goes live the week of August 15, 2021. The early action deadline is November 15, 2021, and the regular decision deadline is February 1, 2022.

#2 Choose Early Action or Regular Decision.
Early action is kind of like early decision without the commitment. By submitting your application early, you’ll be able to receive your admissions decision sooner. Some of the University of New Hampshire’s space-limited competitive programs – such as nursing and exercise science – may give priority consideration for early action applicants; some of UNH’s top merit scholarship programs also require applying by the early action deadline.

If you’re accepted via early action, the offer is not binding. Another option is regular decision, which follows the standard admissions cycle timeline. Regardless of which deadline you choose, all admitted students have until May 1 to confirm enrollment with their deposit.

#3 Work on your great application!
UNH requires a letter of recommendation with each application. Try reaching out to a favorite teacher or coach who can communicate your potential! It’s best to ask for letters of recommendation early in your senior year so your recommender has ample time to write you a great letter. I asked my cross-country coach, dance teacher, and AP U.S. history teacher. These were all educators with whom I had a strong relationship and had known for several years. Pro tip: If you’re also applying to schools that require multiple letters, I’d recommend asking for letters from both teachers and extracurricular representatives.

Be sure to reach out to your counselor or student services at your high school for help. For resumes and essays, ask teachers you trust for proofreading and workshopping sessions. YouTube is also a great resource to hear from students across the country in your application year. Lots of bright young students have entire channels dedicated to the application process. I find it extremely valuable to be able to compare myself to someone in my graduating class. This way, you can see yourself represented and think about things they may be talking about in their essays or extracurriculars that you would never have thought to mention.

#4 Pick your program.
This is the exciting part! UNH has more than 100 undergraduate majors to choose from. Each major belongs to one of five colleges: College of Liberal Arts (COLA), College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA), College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS), College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) and Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics (Paul).

I knew going into UNH that I wanted to double major in dance and communication. I went into freshman year as a dance major through the audition process and told my advisor as soon as possible about my intention to add the second major. I was able to add it easily at the start of my second semester. Since both of my majors are in COLA, it’s very easy to manage both and there has even been some overlap in coursework. UNH’s flexibility and understanding of double major students, especially in the arts, was one of its most attractive qualities to me when searching for schools.

You can also apply with your major undecided. With great academic advising programs for undecided students, you’ll have plenty of time to make a decision on campus, try out a lot of different programs and forge your own path. Our Manchester campus is also a great option, and you can find more information about it here.

#5 Don’t stress!
Applying to college doesn’t have to be a scary process. There are so many people in your community to whom you can reach out for support. Here’s another stress-relieving reminder: as of Fall 2020, UNH is a test-optional institution. You’ve got this!

Take the next step toward becoming a Wildcat by previewing the helpful undergraduate admissions checklist, watching the application FAQs YouTube playlist, or attending an information session on campus or at home.