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What’s the best way to make friends in college? How do you meet people in college?

Welcome back to our College Survival Guide series, where we help you transition between high school and college. We know it can be exciting to imagine expanding your horizons and making friends in college. But how do you actually make friends and meet people in college? Follow along to learn how to meet the people who will make you the best version of you!


See what UDay at UNH is like.

Join a club

You’ve probably heard the advice to join student clubs or organizations to meet friends who share your interests. But what's the first step? At UNH, we hold UDay at the beginning of every fall semester. This outdoor student involvement fair is your chance to browse the huge variety of student clubs at UNH. You’ll have the opportunity to walk up to club leaders, ask questions and get more information (and swag)!

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UNH students hanging out in residence hall room

UNH students hanging out in residence hall room

Meet your neighbors

Living on campus is a great way to get to know other students. We have various housing options at UNH, including residence halls just for first-year students and halls for student who share academic or personal interests. How can you form connections with other students in your residence hall? We recommend keeping your door open and being receptive to conversations in the halls. Hanging out in your hall’s lounge and attending social events hosted by your resident assistant are other great ways to stay connected.

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UNH students in class

UNH students in class

Reach out in class

Your classes (and academic experiences beyond the classroom) can be great ways to meet friends. Get to know your peers by introducing yourself to the person sitting next to you in class or asking if anyone wants to join a study group. Get involved in research or other opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, like Sustainability Fellowships or Semester in the City to meet like-minded people.  

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