How do I decide where to live in college? What residence hall should I choose? Deciding on student housing can be complicated, but it’s also one of the most exciting choices you’ll make as an incoming student. You'll have the opportunity to pick the people you’ll be surrounded by and the place that you’ll soon call home.

Welcome back to our quiz series, where you get to choose your own UNH adventure. Today’s quiz will help you start thinking about which residence hall at UNH best suits you. UNH has options for everyone, from living communities themed around shared interests to first-year-only residence halls.

What type of residence hall is right for you? Take the quiz* to find out.

*Count how many of each letter you choose and add them up at the end for your results! There are no wrong answers. Take the quiz as many times as you want to learn about the range of housing options that you’ll find at UNH.

UNH students hanging out in residence hall room

UNH students hanging out in residence hall room

Question #1:

What part of campus is it most important for you to live near?

A) The center of campus—where everything’s happening

B) The rec center, so I can get in my morning workout

C) The dining hall, so I can easily grab food before class

D) The hubs of student life—like the student union building and downtown

E) Academic buildings, so I can get to class quickly

F) It’s more important who I live with than where my hall is located

Question #2:

When you're tired of spending time in your room, where will you go?

A) To relax in a hammock or play frisbee in the beautiful green space outside my residence hall

B) To do homework and meet new friends in the cozy lounge of my residence hall

C) To play sports on the athletic courts or yard outside my residence hall

D) To a coffee shop or restaurant in downtown Durham

E) To study in academic buildings or in a library

F) To one of my friends’ rooms down the hall

Question #3:

What size residence hall do you envision yourself living in?

A) Not too small and not too large—I’m looking for something in between

B) A small community

C) A residence hall that’s not only smaller but also close-knit

D) A larger residence hall, where I'll meet lots of new people

E) A larger hall that's also a close-knit community

F) Any size residence hall

Question #4:

Ideally, who would your neighbors be?

A) Students who love being engaged and forming a close community

B) Students from a variety of class years

C) First-year students like me

D) Students who share my hobbies and interests

E) Students who share my academic interests or professional goals

F) Students from all different class years and academic areas

UNH students enjoying the warm weather on campus

UNH students enjoying the warm weather on campus 

Your Results:

Mostly As:

You love being at the center of everything and want a hall that’s not too small and not too large. Congreve or Alexander Halls might be great fits for you, since they are right in the middle of bustling campus life. Peterson is another medium-sized hall you might enjoy. If you value an engaging and close community with a beautiful green space to spend time outside when you’re tired of hanging out in your room, then Scott Hall, with its beautiful and picturesque lawn, would be another great option for you.  

Mostly Bs:

You value being close to our state-of-the-art Hamel Recreation Center to get in a workout at your convenience. Jessie Doe Hall and Lord Hall are close to Hamel Rec and would be great fits for you. Both these halls also have cozy lounges with fireplaces and pool tables to hang out. If you crave a smaller, closer community, you might want to check out The Minis, as well. If you don’t mind living with students from a variety of class years,  Congreve Hall might also be a great choice for you.

Mostly Cs:

You value living with other first-year students who share your experience and want to be close to the dining halls to grab food before or after class. Christensen Hall and Williamson Hall, steps from Philbrook Dining Hall, are great choices for you. If you also value having places to hang out outside your residence hall, then you’ll appreciate the athletic courts outside Christensen. If you prefer a close-knit community, you may also want to check out Lord and Jessie Doe Halls.

Mostly Ds:

You want to be where everything is happening. Stoke Hall, a short walk to downtown, could be a great fit for you. Stoke is also a larger hall, which brings the possibility of meeting lots of new people. If you are also interested in living with students who share your hobbies and interests, then you may want to check out Gibbs Hall, The Minis and other themed residence halls.

Mostly Es:

You value being close to your academic buildings. If you are a CEPS or COLSA student, Haaland Hall could be a great choice for you.  You may also want to check out Christensen and Williamson for their close communities and cozy lounges. If you value living with other students who share your academic interests and professional goals, then along with Haaland Hall, you might also enjoy living in McLaughlin Hall, Handler Hall or other halls for students with shared academic programs.

Mostly Fs:

You value who you live with more than anything. Check out themed residence halls like Gibbs, focused on sports, fitness and wellness. If you are also open to meeting lots of new people, then take a look at Stoke Hall,  The Minis and other themed communities.


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