Are you wondering what a day in the life of a UNH student looks like? Welcome back to our Day in the Life of a UNH Wildcat series, where we put the spotlight on students from different academic majors and class years to see what their day in the life looks like. 

Meet Brett Schultz ‘26, a Business Administration Major and Sustainability Dual Major. From training for his next ultimate frisbee game, to participating in his summer internship program, to working on his tech startup, follow along on Brett's day.


Meet Brett Schultz ‘26

Hometown: North Reading, MA

Majors: Business Administration: Options in Accounting and Entrepreneurial Studies, Dual Major in Sustainability




6:30 a.m. 

My workday doesn’t start until 9:00 a.m., but I like to start my day as early as possible. I head downstairs to do a quick cardio workout.  During the school year, I play for the UNH Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, and also play for an intermediate league in the summer. I am always trying to get better!

9 a.m.

I head to my desk, begin checking my emails and get to work. This summer, I am participating in the Sustainability Fellowship. This program partners students with local businesses where they work on a sustainability-centered project. This summer, I am working with Co-op Food Stores and am helping them improve the social and environmental performance of their supply chain.

Brett Zoom meeting

11:30 a.m.

At 11:30 a.m., I hop on Zoom for an advisory meeting. One of the best aspects of the Sustainability Fellowship Program (or any UNH program, for that matter) is that I always feel supported. With weekly advisory meetings and professional development webinars, I have all the help I need for my project.



12:30 p.m.

After the meeting, I decide to take a quick lunch break and make myself some stir fry. It’s not as good as the stir fry at HoCo, but it will do!

1 p.m.

I head back to my computer and get back to work. Currently, I am devising community outreach efforts for when my project is completed. In my opinion, interdisciplinary and hands-on learning opportunities are the best ways to learn and gain experience, especially in this case considering that I am not a marketing major.

UNH Maurice Prize

5:30 p.m.

I stay on my computer and brainstorm activities for next semester’s Founders Club meetings. Founders Club is a student group designed to build a network among students who are serious about turning their innovative ideas into non-profit or for-profit businesses (though members are not required to have a company or organization formed to join the group).

Some of the activities we did last semester were Founder Roundtables, informal presentations on various topics in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and Pitch Practice sessions for the Social Venture and Innovation Challenge, Maurice Prize Competition and Holloway Prize Competition.

Fun Fact: If you are interested in innovation in any form, UNH has an Entrepreneurship Center just for you! They have a variety of hands-on learning programs, competitions and also offer one-on-one idea coaching.

UNH Social Innovation Challenge


6:30 p.m.

After formulating a few ideas and taking a quick dinner break, I hop on Zoom for a Rines Angel Fund onboarding meeting. The Rines Angel Fund is a two-credit class where students are able to provide insight on angel investments for entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. I recently applied (and was accepted) into the fund, and tonight some members of the Executive Committee are explaining to us the basics of early-stage investment fundamentals to make sure we are well-prepared for the fall.

7:30 p.m.

Once the meeting ends, I check my personal email to see if I have heard back from the Department of Energy. A few days ago, my friend Alec and I submitted an entry into the Collegiate Wind Competition. This competition challenges students to build a wind turbine with faculty mentor(s) from the students’ university. If we make it to the second round, we will receive $2,000 in funding, hence why I am nervously checking my email so late in the day.

UNH does a great job at fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, as seen with Alec (an engineering physics major) and myself (a business administration and sustainability dual major). If you are an incoming freshman at UNH, I highly recommend you check out the Idea and Innovation Society and Changemaker Fellowship. I participated in both programs during my freshman year and they were great opportunities to meet passionate first-year students from across the university!

College Connector Homepage

8 p.m.

After going for a quick walk to take a break from looking at my screen, I head back to my computer once more to continue working on my tech startup, College Connector. College Connector is a free-to-use platform designed to connect college students in the UNH area with like-minded peers and their local community. Additionally, I intend on having the platform offer a Marketplace feature that will allow students to sell textbooks, clothes, dorm furniture and more (similar to Facebook Marketplace).

Currently, I am in the process of registering as an LLC and am putting the finishing touches on the website before it is (hopefully) deployed in time for next semester!

10 p.m.

After a long, fun, action-packed day, I head upstairs and get ready for bed, excited for what is to come tomorrow.


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