Are you wondering whether you should stay in state for college? What are the benefits of staying in New Hampshire for the next four years for your college education? Read on to hear some of our NH students’ perspectives on why staying in NH to attend UNH was the right choice for them.

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Tom Oliver ‘23, Franconia, NH

Tom's reasons for staying in NH:

  • Getting involved with the outing club.
  • Building a robotic fish in ocean engineering lab.
  • Unique classes with the skills employers are looking for.

"[I'm in] a class called intellectual asset’s basically like business for engineering, like how to make sure that the stuff that comes out of your head is…protected legally…I don’t think [that’s] typically covered as much as it should be in most engineering programs, so that’s a really great class."


Marc Laferriere ‘24, Nashua, NH

Marc's reasons for staying in NH:

“There’s so much on this campus, there’s over a hundred orgs…go try one, go try two, go try three; might be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life.”


Grace Hurni ‘23, Atkinson, NH

Grace's reasons for staying in NH:

  • Ability to study biomedical science on the pre-Physician Assistant track.
  • Working as a Resident Assistant (RA) in a first-year residential hall on campus.
  • Being a Diversity Ambassador in the Admissions Office:

“Being a Diversity Ambassador is actually really cool because you’re sharing your own experience and how you ended up at UNH and I really, really am thankful every day that I decided to go to UNH.”


Colleen Spear ‘22, Portsmouth, NH

Colleen's reasons for staying in NH:

“So I’m actually a commuter student. I am only on campus when I have classes or clubs or I’m meeting my friends. I do drive in some days but I also make heavy use of the Wildcat Transit system and as a student I get free access to that.”


Jane ‘24, Alton, NH

Jane's reasons for staying in NH:

“I think that I have a pretty unique UNH story, not only because I was a freshman transfer commuter student, but also because UNH was my first pick in high school and I didn’t get accepted…I didn’t let that discourage me from trying again and getting accepted ... the second time.”


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