Are you wondering whether you should leave your home state for college? What are the benefits of living in New Hampshire for the next four years for your college education? This week, we're putting the spotlight on five students who came from the Northeast to New England to attend UNHRead on to hear some of our out-of-state, out-of-New England students’ perspectives on why attending UNH was the right choice for them. Then, watch their UNH Takeovers to learn more about their daily lives at UNH. 


I came to New England for college because...


Lily ‘23, Saratoga Springs, NY

I can combine serious dance training with my other academic interests


"I really liked the location. I really liked that it was close to the beach and I just really liked the Seacoast area in general. And also we have a really good dance program that lets us double major and pursue lots of interests while still having serious training."


Noah Lynch ‘23, Pittsburgh, PA

My initial homesickness faded and NH became my second home


“As a freshman, I was a little homesick at least for the first few weeks, but I was able to meet a great group of friends who were from New Hampshire and they were able to help me get settled in and now New Hampshire's my second home.”


Johnnie Hughes ‘26, West Chester, PA

 I wanted to share the great experience my family had


“As someone who's from West Chester Pennsylvania...I really wanted to go out of state and also I had a few family members who went here and they all said they had an amazing experience and loved it here and I really wanted to share that same experience that they had.”


Dina Rathke ‘25, Philadelphia, PA

I love our school spirit and can't wait to return from breaks


I don't just like being at UNH, I love being at UNH. I think we have an absolutely beautiful campus. I think we have a great school community with a lot of school spirit. I think we're in a beautiful area. There's always four seasons and those four seasons are absolutely gorgeous. And I always kind of felt like UNH was my home when I visited, when I moved in, and I'm always just so exicted to come back when we have breaks.”


    Sierra Walsh ‘22, Sussex, NJ

    There's a welcoming campus community and it's easy to get involved


    "My favorite thing about UNH is definitely the community. I love when it's nice out like this. You can just see people laying out on blankets and playing outside ... I also love that there's so many opportunities available for everybody, no matter what your background is."


    Every student's journey to UNH is unique, while we all create a common community on campus. Students from the Northeast find that UNH is far enough away from home to feel independent, while still allowing them to travel home for a weekend. Whether it's an only-at-UNH academic program or the breadth of interdisciplinary study, students are drawn to UNH's academics. They also find a campus that's beautiful in all four seasons with the ability to daytrip to the beach, city or mountains. Our welcoming campus community and boundless school spirit mean these students immediately feel at home at UNH.

    Find out more about why coming to New England for college was the right choice for UNH students. 

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