You’re a UNH admitted student and it’s time to celebrate and share your acceptance! From our custom GIF pack, to our admitted student Instagram group, keep scrolling to learn how to connect with UNH on social media and share that you got in!


Use our custom GIF pack to tell the world: I’m in!

We've created a custom GIF pack for you to share your admitted student news on social! View all GIFs here or search UofNH on Instagram to use the GIFs. Here are a few of our favorites:                                                               


UNH Wildcats 2027

Wildcat #UNH27 

Show your UNH spirit with our mascot, the UNH Wildcat. You can’t miss the Wildcat statue on campus! Our mascot is a sign of UNH’s strong school spirit and community. view the gif here



UNH 2027

#UNH27 Banner 

Make a can’t-miss announcement about your future with a #UNH27 banner. view the gif here



I'm in UNH Wildcat

I'm in! Location Pin 

Announce you’re in and get excited for everything our middle-of-everywhere location has to offer! view the gif here








UNH Wildcats

UNH Wildcats 

Show your excitement about becoming a UNH Wildcat and joining in our spirited traditions and eventsview the gif here







Follow us on social media 

Follow us on social media to learn more about what it means to be a UNH Wildcat! Here's a breakdown of the accounts you should be following:

UNH Wildcat statue



Join your new class of admitted Wildcats on Instagram

Join the Class of 2027 Instagram group @unhwildcats2027 and get to know the peers you'll go to school with ahead of time. 


Watch some of our student takeovers

Watch some of our student social media takeovers to preview what a day in the life at UNH will look like. Watch the whole playlist here or discover our favorites from the past year. 


Take a #UNHBound Picture!

Use #UNHBound to tag us in your pictures to celebrate that you're going to be a UNH Wildcat!

UNH student



It's time to celebrate! Be sure to connect with us on social to show your Wildcat pride and to start to dive deeper into the programs and peers you'll join on campus!

In the meantime, get admitted student info here and keep exploring campus with our virtual tour

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UNH hockey game

Things to do in New Hampshire in the Winter as a Wildcat

If you’re visiting or in the area don’t miss these winter things to do at and around UNH. Winter is the perfect time to cozy up indoors or explore the snowy landscape outside. This is your UNH winter bucket list. read more about winter things to do