Thiri San ‘23

We're kicking off a series for UNH admitted students like you. Follow along on our Admitted Students Guide blog series for a group of student-written blogs that will tell you all you need to know about being a UNH student, including where you'll live, what you'll eat and how you'll study. This week, learn all you need to know about dining on campus from UNH student Thiri San '23.

As you transition into your first year at UNH, you may have some questions about how to dine at UNH and why exactly our dining halls hold the award-winning titles they do. Look no further for your new student guide to UNH dining.

UNH students have an array of dining options to choose from on and off campus, including two dining halls and many retail dining locations.

Holloway Commons Dining Hall

How can I dine on campus?

Most first-year Wildcats opt for one of the Unlimited Meal Plansincluding the Premier Plan, Campus Plan and Core Plan.


What is included in each Unlimited Meal Plan?


Premier Plan

  • Unlimited meals in dining halls
  • 10 Guest Passes
  • 32 Meals to Go (1 additional Daily Meals to Go)
  • $300 Dining Dollars


Campus Plan

  • Unlimited meals in dining halls
  • 6 Guest Passes
  • 16 Meals to Go (1 additional Daily Meals to Go)
  • $200 Dining Dollars


Core Plan

  • Unlimited meals in dining halls
  • 2 Guest Passes
  • 6 Meals to Go (1 additional Daily Meals to Go)


Each plan’s price falls in the $2,000 range; however, they are subject to change. You can order meal plans on our UNH Housing site

Dining Dollars can be used at retail dining locations on campus, such as CornerStone 1926, Philbrook Café, UNH Dairy Bar, Albert’s, Union Court, Wildcatessen, Zeke’s Café and vending machines. Cat’s Cache is another form of UNH currency that can be used at all dining locations and retail locations, as well as for laundry in the dorms and printing.

UNH dairy bar

Can I purchase other meal plans?

Only students living in on-campus or off-campus apartments, Babcock Hall, and fraternities and sororities can use Swipe meal plans. These plans are valid for the entire academic year and provide admission into any dining hall or Meals to Go.

There are multiple different options for a Swipe plan:

  • 200 Swipes
  • 150 Swipes
  • 100 Swipes
  • 75 Swipes
  • 50 Swipes

You can purchase a Swipe plan at any point of the year. However, unused meals are nonrefundable.


Am I allowed to bring food outside of the dining halls?

Students may only take food out from the dining halls if they are using their Meals to Go or a Reusable To-Go Box. The exceptions are:

  • One piece of whole fruit
  • One cookie or brownie
  • Refilled beverages in a 32 oz. or smaller travel mug/reusable cup
UNH students eating in dining hall

What is provided at the dining halls?

Our largest dining hall, Holloway Commons (“HoCo”) is located in the center of campus and is attached to the Memorial Union Building.

The other open dining hall is Philbrook Hall, which is located near our first-year-only dorms, Christensen and Williamson.

Students can access the dining halls by using their fingerprint ID at the turnstiles or by paying at the counter.

HoCo offers many different stations:

  • The Grill
    • Stir-fry bar, omelet bar, quesadilla bar, sliders, etc.
  • The Daily Dish/Daily Dish Center
    • Changes every day, a range of all types of food
  • Pizza and More
    • Different types of pizza, breadsticks, monkey bread
  • Soup and More
    • Different types of soup, cheesy bread
  • Dessert Stations
    • Different types of desserts, frozen yogurt machine
  • Salad Station
    • Build-your-own salad
  • Sandwich Station
    • Build-your-own sandwich
  • Bread & Coffee Station
  • Allergen-friendly/Gluten-free Stations
  • Beverage Stations


Philbrook Hall also offers:

  • Everything mentioned under HoCo, along with:
    • All-day Breakfast Station
    • Made-to-order Sub Station
UNH students walking through dining hall

Is there a menu?

Yes! You can check out the detailed daily and weekly menus for each dining hall online. UNH uses a “Guiding Stars” system to inform dining hall visitors of how nutritious their food is on the menu, based on USDA, FDA, WHO, NAS and other recommendations.


What are the hours of operation at the dining halls?

Hours may change for holidays, events and curtailments; however, the semester hours are as follows:

  • Holloway Commons
    • Monday-Friday: 7:15 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Philbrook Dining Hall
    • Monday-Friday: 7:15 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Evidently, UNH puts a lot of effort into making our dining halls the best, most efficient food sources for all students, staff and faculty on campus. Not only do we practice sustainability in our dining halls every day, but our hospitality staff also ensures that each meal is appetizing, nutritious and delicious for everyone! Check it out yourself by scheduling a campus visit today or exploring the dining stop on our virtual tour.


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