Are you wondering about UNH’s housing options? Where do first-year students live on campus? Read on for answers to some commonly-asked questions about UNH’s housing options. Rest assured you will feel safe and comfortable living on campus, while building strong community and making friends in your residence hall. There are many different housing options for you to choose from at UNH, including themed residence halls based on interests and academic communities.


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Where do first-year students live at UNH?

There is a wide range of housing options for first-year students at UNH. Christensen and Williamson are two of the largest and most well-known first-year residence halls. There are also a lot of smaller halls just for first-year students, such as Alexander Hall and mid-sized residence halls like Handler. Most first-year students in these halls live in standard double and single rooms.

Where do upperclassmen live at UNH?

Upperclassmen have the option to live in suite and apartment style residence halls.

common area lounge in dorm at UNH

Residence hall lounge 

Who will be there to support me in my residence hall?

Each residence hall has both professional live-in hall directors and undergraduate resident assistants. Both are there to hold community events to bring residents closer together, foster inclusive living and support you as you live on campus.

What are shared spaces like in residence halls?

All residence halls have laundry facilities and communal lounges and kitchens.

UNH residence hall outside

Randall Hall at UNH

Do students feel safe living at UNH?

There’s a reason why we are named one of the top-10 safest campuses in the country. A responsive campus police department, locked residence halls and swipe access for residents all contribute to a feeling of safety while living on campus.

What is themed housing like at UNH?

UNH has themed halls where you can live with classmates who share your personal interests, floors for specific majors or academic programs and gender neutral housing options.

UNH residence hall aerial

Christensen and Williamson Halls at UNH

What are the different residence halls at UNH?

UNH has three main residential areas, located conveniently around the academic core of campus:

  • Upper Quad consists of Devine, Hitchcock and Randall Halls. These halls include close-knit floors integrated into the larger upper quad community.
  • Lower Quad is where you’ll find several of UNH’s themed halls, including Gibbs Hall (common interest in fitness and sports) and Engelhardt (shared commitment to keeping the hall alcohol and drug free).
  • The Timbers is named for its wooded surroundings. The timbers is home to Williamson and Christensen halls – two of our largest residences just for first-year students

UNH students in residence hall room

UNH students in residence hall room

How do I meet friends in my residence hall?

The Resident Assistants in each hall facilitate fun social activities for residents to get to know one another. Themed halls or first-year student halls are also great ways of getting to know other students who have similar interests or who are also new to campus. Don’t forget one of our students’ favorite pieces of advice: keep your door open! Read more advice from a UNH student about living on campus here.

How do I find a roommate?

Some students choose to select a student they already know as a roommate when arriving at UNH. Other students choose to have a roommate randomly assigned to them. Read more tips about roommates here.  

What are the benefits to living on campus?

UNH residence life has a vibrant community feel. Living on campus is a perfect way to find your community and make close friends, as well as to develop a support system through peers, hall directors, and resident assistants. Each residence hall has its own unique layout, location and personality, so when finding somewhere to live at UNH, there is truly something for everybody.

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