College application season is just around the corner! UNH uses the Common App, which opens next week on 8/1. Be ready to start applying to colleges with this Q & A that covers frequently asked questions and tips for applying to UNH.

UNH Become the Roar Tradition

UNH Become the Roar Tradition 

When are UNH’s application deadlines?

Regular Decision deadline: February 1

Early Action deadline: November 15

What is Early Action?

Early Action is the no-stress version of Early Decision. Applying Early Action means you’ll get a non-binding admission decision by the end of January, helping you get to know the UNH community as a Wildcat sooner and giving you more time to make the best college choice for you. The Early Action deadline is November 15.

Should I Apply Early Action?

Applying Early Action may be for you if you appreciate having more time to choose the right school for you! Applying Early Action will also give you the best shot at our competitive majors and will allow you to apply to some of our life-changing scholarship programs. Learn more about applying Early Action.

Outdoor Class at UNH

Outdoor Class at UNH

UNH has a holistic admissions process. What does that mean?

This means that the UNH admissions team looks at the whole applicant and not just any one test score. We’ll consider how you’ve challenged yourself both academically and personally – and how you’ll succeed at UNH. 

How do I write my required essay?

The required essay helps us understand who you are as a person and a student. It is a great opportunity to share your story and your point of view. What are you curious about? What drives you? Some students also use the essay component to tell us more about any circumstances that might’ve impacted their academic performance. Learn more about how to write your college essay.

UNH Professor

UNH Classroom 

How do I choose a teacher for a recommendation?

UNH requires one recommendation from a teacher. When choosing a teacher as your recommender, think about finding a teacher who can communicate who you are as a student and person, as well as how you've grown.  

What should I focus on during my senior year of high school? 

We want to see how your senior year fits into – and furthers – your trajectory of growth. Choose courses that take you deeper into your academic interests and bring out your best as a student. Continue to be a leader in your community. Most importantly, keep working hard 

Lunar New Year Celebration at UNH

Lunar New Year Celebration at UNH

What should I include in my list of extracurricular activities? 

Whether it’s joining a pre-professional society or participating in a community service organization, getting involved is a crucial part of the UNH experience. Show us how you will contribute to our community. What sports, clubs or experiences have been important to you? Be sure to include part-time jobs and family responsibilities – especially if they played a big role in your life outside of school. 

Be Ready! The Common App opens on 8/1.


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