Top 5 Tips for New Transfer Students

Thursday, May 13, 2021


Erin Vreeland

students attend outdoor class on UNH campus

Transferring schools seems simple enough. You’ve been to college before, so you understand the rundown. You know how to study and (relatively) what to expect. Yet, as a transfer student myself, I know that transferring schools can come with some anxiety. Here are my top five tips to make transferring to your dream school a fun and less stressful experience:

1) Get involved.

I cannot stress this tip enough! You have the ability to make your college experience the best it can be – and getting involved is a huge factor in doing that. Here at UNH, we have over 250 clubs and student organizations to choose from. With everything from a pizza eating club to academic-focused organizations, there is something for everyone. You can also start your own organization! Getting involved is a great way to feel comfortable on campus and meet more people.

2) Say yes.

One key goal I set for myself when I transferred to UNH was to say yes to new experiences and challenges. This mindset helped me grow. If someone you don’t know asks you to grab lunch or study, don’t say no just because it’s a new experience – say yes! However, I also knew my limits about how much I could take on, and that was important too.

3) Remember you’ve gone to college before.

Just because you’re starting at a new school doesn’t mean it’s all new. You learned a lot about yourself and how college works at your previous school. You can apply that knowledge at UNH. Go to class, connect with your professors and peers, and be a good student!

4) Take advantage of the services UNH has to offer.

There are a number of amazing services and resources included in your tuition that can help you become a better student and true Wildcat. This includes the Connors Writing Center, which is great for tackling that first big paper, the Center for Academic Resources, where you can level up your study skills, and the Psychological and Counseling Services. There’s also Campus Recreation, where you can work out, learn something new, and even join a fun intramural sports team.

5) Go to the transfer meetup at the beginning of the semester.

The transfer meetup gives you the opportunity to get to know other transfer students and UNH before the semester begins. When I attended the transfer meetup, I enjoyed being able to have conversations with other transfer students. I made friends and got rid of my anxiety. It was an amazing way to be introduced to my home away from home!