My Top 5 UNH Moments

Monday, May 3, 2021


Virginia Mercier '22

williamson housing unh

As my junior year here at UNH comes to a close and I think ahead to making the most of my senior year, I am also motivated to reflect on the wonderful memories I have made thus far. UNH has become a home to me and a place where I have seen myself and other Wildcats grow into the best versions of ourselves. My life changed in so many positive ways because of my decision to come to UNH, so it only seems right to share my top five memories with those who are making the same big decision…

  1. One of my favorite memories goes back to my freshman year living in Williamson Hall on the seventh floor. A big worry of mine coming to college was meeting new people and finding a good community. However, as soon as I moved in, my resident assistant, or RA, got to know all the students living on my floor and held such fun socials for us to get to know each other. My favorite social was when we had a “who knows their roommate best” competition. Ironically, my roommate and I came in last place even though we had been friends in high school! The reason why this memory stands out to me is because I noticed that night how the college experience can bring people together so closely so quickly. UNH has a special welcoming spirit to it that made me want to stay here as long as I could.
  2. My biggest piece of advice to incoming students is always to try to get involved in something. Whether it’s within your major, a student org, fraternity and sorority life, or a work study position, a critical aspect of your college experience is having a place to join likeminded people. I say this because one of my favorite UNH memories was going to my first student org meeting. I didn’t know anybody in the org and was super intimidated about going, but I met the sweetest people that day – five of whom I now live with!
  3. On a nice warm day in the fall of my sophomore year, my friends and I grabbed our hammocks, found some tress out behind the SERCs (or the southeast residential community), and spent the whole day hanging out outside. We had music playing, did our best to get some homework done, threw around a frisbee, and just chatted. I remember thinking about how I didn’t know any of the people I was with just a year before, but now they were some of the best friends I had ever had. We finished that day with a picnic dinner! I love that the UNH campus has the perfect “New England” feel. I will never forget that day.
  4. This memory is a bit unique to my experience, but I will always remember giving my first tour as a UNH campus tour guide. I loved UNH up until that moment, but I think giving that tour was when I knew I belonged here and that I wanted other students to feel that way, too. I can tell you that there is nothing quite like shouting to 25+ people about how much you love UNH from the top of the Dimond Library steps!
  5. A recent memory that has made my top five is securing an internship in my major for my senior year. We all hear about internships throughout high school and college, so it was super exciting to find one that I love for my last year at UNH. I feel like this memory completed my checklist of goals for UNH…I have made amazing friends, had great professors, and joined student orgs. Now, I will also have hands-on experience in the field of human service!

Every UNH student has their own goals and their own story, but I hope mine can give you some insight into the experience UNH has to offer. It was hard for me to choose just five memories! Make sure to check out other blogs and talk to current students, because I personally think that is the best way to find out which school is going to be right for you.