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Application Checklist

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First-Year Checklist

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The University of New Hampshire takes a holistic approach in reviewing your application for admission. While your academic record is the most important piece of information, your whole application will provide relevant context to help us learn more about who you are, how you’ve contributed to your community – in and outside of school – and how you’ll find a home here in Wildcat Country.

Fall 2021 GPA Averages

Important Dates & Reminders

Oct. 15 - Spring Decision Deadline - Students applying to UNH under our Spring Decision plan will receive an admissions decision prior to the end of December. 

Nov. 15 - Early Action Deadline - Students applying to UNH under our Early Action plan will receive an admission decision prior to the end of January.

Feb. 1 - Regular Decision Deadline -Students applying to UNH under our Regular Decision plan will receive an admission decision prior to the end of March. 

Mar. 1 - Financial Aid Priority Date: You can start the application process even before you are accepted at UNH. Financial aid packages are released in mid-December for students who have their FAFSA completed and a decision has been made on their application.

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Academic Preparation

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Evaluation of the high school transcript is an important part of our application review process. To meet minimum* academic requirements for admission, students must successfully complete a college preparatory curriculum with at least 15 full-year units upon graduation:

  • B/B+ grades or higher on average

  • 4 years of English

  • 3 years of mathematics (including Algebra I & II and Geometry)

  • 2 years of laboratory sciences (3 years preferred)

  • 2 years of history or social science

  • 2 years of a single world language is preferred

  • 2 additional full-year college preparatory courses to total 15 units 

*Some programs may have additional requirements for admission

Applied Animal Science and Forest Technology

  • Overall GPA of C+ or higher
  • College Preparatory Biology with laboratory coursework required 

Language Requirements

  • Optional for 2-year associate degree programs 

Veterinary Technology 

  • Overall GPA of B or higher
  • 3 years of college preparatory science - College Preparatory Chemistry and Biology with laboratory coursework required ( grade of B or higher in Chemistry)

 2+2 Pathway Options to 4 year Degree Programs

  • Applied Animal Science (AAS) to Animal Science (BS)
  • Forest Technology (AAS) to Forestry (BSF)
  • Veterinary Technology (AAS) to Animal Science (BS) 
  • 4 years of mathematics (eg: trigonometry, finite, pre-calculus, statistics)

Note: it is expected that students be enrolled in an upper-level math course (trigonometry, finite, pre-calculus, or statistics) in their senior year

  • 4 years of mathematics, including pre-calculus
  • 4 years of science, including chemistry and/or physics laboratory coursework

Note: it is expected that students be enrolled in math and science courses in their senior year

  • Biology or chemistry laboratory coursework recommended
  • Chemistry and biology or physics


Application Requirements

UNH students studying outside on campus

Students may apply for UNH admission using the online Common Application. Further instructions and details about the application process are outlined on the site. No supplemental essays or writing prompts are required other than the essay required as part of the Common Application.

Application Fee

$50 for New Hampshire residents
$65 for non-residents
Fee waivers can be requested through the Common Application.

Pay online at the time you submit your Common Application.  Or you can mail a check, made payable to the University of New Hampshire. Please reference the student’s name and date of birth in the memo. Please mail your payment to the following address:

UNH Admissions
3 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

Each applicant must have their official high school transcript, college transcript(s) for dual enrollment coursework, General Equivalency Diploma, or HiSET sent directly to UNH Admissions either electronically or via mail to the following address:

UNH Admissions
3 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

UNH requires one letter of recommendation as part of the student's application. This letter should be written by the applicant's school counselor or a core academic teacher. In our holistic review process, we do not require more than one recommendation and it is our preference to receive no more than two.

First-year applicants have the option to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered as a part of their admission application. It is not required to submit SAT or ACT scores for the application process at the University of New Hampshire. When submitting the application, you will be asked “Would you like us to consider your standardized test scores in the admissions decision?” Please note, that once your application is submitted, the answer to this question can only be changed if the application has not yet been reviewed by our office and a decision made.

Students who choose to enroll at UNH, and have taken the SAT or ACT, will be asked to submit test scores after the May 1 deposit deadline for university research purposes only. Students are not required to take the SAT or ACT.

Please note that the writing section of the SAT or ACT is not required for UNH consideration. To compare the new test scores to the old test scores, please reference this guide.

SAT - UNH CEEB Code: 3918

TOEFL – UNH Destination Code: 3918

ACT - UNH CEEB code: 2524



For specific music and theatre programs only

Students are required to do an audition for the following music programs as part of the application process. Please visit the Music Department for more details and information.

  • Music Education (B.M.)
  • Music Composition (B.A.)
  • Music Composition (B.M.)
  • Music: Liberal Studies (B.A.)
  • Music Performance (B.A.)
  • Music Performance (B.M.)

Students are required to do an audition for the following theatre programs as part of the application process. Please visit the Theatre Department for more details and information.

  • Theatre: Acting & Directing
  • Theatre: Dance
  • Theatre: Musical Theatre


For art studio majors only

Students are required to submit a portfolio as part of the application process for the following Studio Arts Departments. Please visit the Studio Arts Department for more details and information.

  • Art: Studio Art
  • Art: Studio Art/Art Education

For qualified students only

UNH recognizes the College Board's Advanced Placement Examination (AP) program as a means of evaluating a student's eligibility for advanced placement and credit. Students who have participated in the AP program and who have been admitted to the University should have official AP grade reports sent directly to the UNH Admissions Office (CEEB # 3918) from the College Board (telephone: 609 771-7300). After receiving the College Board AP grade report, the Admissions Office notifies the student, the student's college dean/adviser, and the Registrar's Office of any credit award and advanced placement. Please review UNH’s AP policies related to scores and transferring credits.

International Baccalaureate Credit (IB)

For qualified students only

The University of New Hampshire recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and awards 8 credits for each IB Higher Level examination with a score of 5, 6, or 7. We do not award credit for standard level exams, Higher Level Art/Design, film, and Business/Management.

Students in an IB program who have been admitted to UNH should have their official exam results sent directly to the Admissions Office (CEEB #3918). After receiving the exam results, the Admissions Office notifies the student, the student's college dean/adviser, and the Registrar's Office of any credit awarded.

Freshman Credit

Ask your College or Community College to send your sealed official grade reports directly to the Admissions Office (CEEB # 3918). After we receive your report(s), we’ll notify your college dean/advisor and the Registrar’s Office of any credit award and advanced placement. 

DD214 (Veterans Only)

Veterans should submit a copy of the DD214 or 2586 form with nature of discharge to verify potential credits earned for military service. Do not submit the original, as you will need it throughout your life to prove your veteran status and establish eligibility for GI Bill and other veterans benefits from the VA, State, and local community. If still on active duty, submit the copy when you are released.

Military Transcripts (Optional but recommended for Veterans)

Veterans are encouraged to request a copy of their military transcripts to be evaluated for possible transfer credits.

We welcome applications from students who are receiving their secondary level education at home, and we value the different perspective homeschooled students bring to our classroom and community. With as many as two million students receiving their secondary education at home, we view homeschooling as simply another viable and well established means of preparation for college or university.

You are a homeschooled student if you are receiving your secondary school education from your parents or through an accredited distance learning program. Our admissions criteria for homeschooled students are the same as for those students who receive their diploma through the local public school system or through a traditional private secondary school.

Enrollment Documentation Required

If you choose to enroll at UNH, you will need to provide documentation of successful completion of your secondary level studies in the form of a final transcript, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), HiSET, or a certificate of completion from your local school district or state board of education. If your homeschool program does not provide a "diploma" please feel free to contact us to establish the final documentation we will require before your enrollment.

All physical application materials (non-online) for undergraduate admissions should be mailed to the following address:
UNH Admissions
3 Garrison Avenue
Durham, New Hampshire 03824

Application Documents

  • Please use black ink and the student’s date of birth on all documents.
  • The Common Application must be received by November 15, in order to be classified as Early Action. Supporting materials (transcript(s), recommendation letter(s), test scores may arrive after November 15. You will receive a confirmation email from the Common Application when your application was sent to UNH successfully. We follow up with a mailed letter notifying applicants of their UNH applicant ID typically within 7-10 days.
  • All offers of admission are considered conditional and are subject to the verification of satisfactory senior year achievement when final high school transcripts are reviewed by the Admissions Committee.


  • Permanent resident aliens need to submit a copy of their permanent resident card.
  • Non-U.S. citizens should include a photocopy of the passport page with biographic information.

Disability Services

  • IEPs, 504 Plans, and other documentation regarding a disability should not be sent to the Admissions Office. These materials should be sent to the Accessibility Services for Students Office. Any materials of this nature sent to the Admissions Office will be shredded. 

Early Action offers students with a strong interest in UNH the opportunity to receive an admission decision earlier in the process (by the end of January). Students admitted during Early Action have until May 1 to enroll.

The Common Application must be received by November 15, in order to be classified as Early Action. Supporting materials (recommendation and transcript) may arrive after the deadline. You will receive a confirmation email from Common Application or Coalition Application if your application was sent to UNH successfully. We follow up with a mailed letter notifying applicants of their UNH applicant ID typically within 7-10 days.

Applicants who apply for need-based financial aid and are offered admission in January will not be notified of awards until March.

Early Action decision outcomes include: admission to UNH; deferral of the final decision until after another review in the Regular Decision process; or denial of admission.

Applicants who apply under our Regular Decision option can expect an admission decision by the end of March.

The sooner you apply, the better! You can start the application process even before you are admitted to UNH. You may start filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as October 1 when the form becomes available. It is recommended that you submit their FAFSA to UNH by the priority date of March 1. Our federal school title code is: 002589.

After receiving your FAFSA results, the Financial Aid Office will send an email letting you know your aid package is ready, and telling you how to review your aid. Log into WebCat to check the status of your application and review your aid award.

For more details and information, visit the Financial Aid website.


fall 2021 GPA Averages

Students studying


UNH’s goal in the admissions process is to admit students who have demonstrated the capacity for academic success at the college level based on their high school performance.  College preparatory courses, with good grades and positive academic trends are strong indicators of success during the college years.

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Student

 Student Type 

**Ave GPA   **Mid 50% GPA Range
College of Liberal Arts Admitted  3.46 3.09-3.83
  Enrolling 3.39 3.01-3.75
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture  Admitted 3.78 3.48-4.10
  Enrolling 3.72 3.38-4.04
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Admitted 3.78 3.46-4.12
  Enrolling 3.71 3.41-4.07
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics      Admitted 3.54 3.25-3.84
  Enrolling 3.51 3.22-3.82
College of Health and Human Services Admitted 3.63 3.29-3.99
  Enrolling 3.61 3.20-4.02

**Please Note - GPA ranges are recalculated on a weighted 4.0 scale. 

  • UNH recalculates each applicant’s GPA using grades from academic core courses - English, math, science, social science, and world languages.
  • Additional weight is given to courses designated as honors, AP, IB and college-level courses.
  • Students are reviewed for admission based on the context of their high school and are not held accountable for things beyond their control. Students who attend a school with limited higher level courses will not be at a competitive disadvantage compared to students who attend a school with a wide range of higher level course offerings.
  • Students are held accountable for their course selection and grades earned.
  • UNH seeks to admit all qualified candidates to UNH.  If a student is not academically prepared and/or competitive for a specific program or college division, but is otherwise admissible to UNH, they will be admitted to the program for which they are prepared. 
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