Transfer Advisors by Major

Each academic college at UNH provides an initial departmental advisor to help transfer students make course selections and review registration procedures. If you are admitted for the spring semester or are not able/eligible to attend Transfer Orientation in June for fall transfers, you should contact the advisor for your major to set up a one-on-one appointment.


College of Liberal Arts

College/Major Initial Contacts Phone
Anthropology Meghan Howey


Art (all options) Craig Hood 603-862-3819
Classics Scott Smith 603-862-2388
Communication Andrew Sharp 603-862-2991
English (all options) Carla Cannizzaro 603-862-3970
European Cultural Studies Mary Rhiel 603-862-3121
French Nadine Berenguier 603-862-1055
French Studies Nadine Berenguier 603-862-1055
Geography Mary Stampone 603-862-3136
German Edward Larkin 603-862-3121
History Laura Simard 603-862-1764
Humanities Catherine Peebles 603-862-3638
Italian Studies Amy Boylan 603-862-3551
Justice Studies Deborah Briand 603-862-1716
Linguistics Rochelle Lieber 603-862-3964
Music Alexis Zaricki 603-862-2418
Neuroscience & Behavior Jill McGaughy 603-862-2610
Philosophy Paul McNamara 603-862-3078
Political Science Marcie Anderson 603-862-1751
Psychology Susan Moore 603-862-3167
Russian Arna Bronstein 603-862-3121
Sociology Cammi Wagner 603-862-2500
Spanish Holly Cashman 603-862-3121
Theatre Michael Wood 603-862-3038
Women's Studies

Siobhan Senier

Undeclared Liberal Arts University Advising Center 603-862-2064

College of Health and Human Services

College/Major Initial Contacts Phone
Athletic Training Dan Sedory 603-862-1831
Communication Sciences & Disorders Mary Jane Sullivan 603-862-5077
Human Development and Family Studies Kerry Kazura 603-862-2135
Kinesiology: Exercise Science Tim Quinn 603-862-1830
Kinesiology: Outdoor Education Laurie Gullion 603-862-1617
Kinesiology: Physical Education  Steven Wright 603-862-4408
Kinesiology: Sports Studies

Heather Barber

Recreation Management and Policy Linda Noon 603-862-2391
Recreation Management & Policy: Program
and Event Management
Nathan Trauntvein 603-862-0670
Recreation Management & Policy: Therapeutic Recreation Allison Wilder 603-862-2710
Social Work Martha Byam



College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Animal Science Betsy Boulton 603-862-1885
Animal Science: Dairy Management Peter Erickson 603-862-1909
Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology Feixia Chu 603-862-2436
Biology Donald Chandler 603-862-4200
Biomedical Science: Medical Laboratory Science Adele Marone 603-862-1376
Biomedical Science: Medical & Veterinary Sciences Paul Tsang 603-862-3479
Biomedical Science: Medical Microbiology Timothy Montminy 603-862-5175
Community & Environmental Planning Mary Friedman 603-862-4456
Environmental & Resource Economics John Halstead 603-862-3914
Environmental Conservation and Sustainability Russ Congalton  603-862-4644
Environmental Science Wil Wollheim                                      603-862-5022
Equine Studies Sarah Rigg 603-862-1356
Forestry Heidi Asbjornsen                              603-862-1011
Genetics Matthew MacManes 603-862-4052
Marine, Estuarine & Freshwater Biology Larry Harris 603-862-3897
Neuroscience & Behavior Leslie Curren 603-862-5103
Nutrition Jesse Morrell                                      603-862-2547
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Rebecca Sideman 603-862-3203
Wildlife & Conservation Biology Becca Rowe 603-862-2810
Zoology James Haney 603-862-2105
Undeclared Life Science and Agriculture Katie Cousens 603-862-1451

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

College/Major Initial Contacts Phone
Bioengineering Russell Carr 603-862-3654
Chemical Engineering Russell Carr 603-862-3654
Chemistry (all options) Erik Berda 603-862-2304
Civil Engineering Raymond Cook 603-862-1411
Computer Engineering Tom Miller 603-862-1326
Computer Science Arvind Narayan 603-862-1237
Earth Sciences Joe Licciardi 603-862-3135
Earth Science Teaching Joe Licciardi 603-862-3135
Electrical Engineering Michael Carter 603-862-4328
Engineering Physics Marc Lessard 603-862-2590
Environmental Engineering:  Nancy Kinner 603-862-1422
Environmental Science: Hydrology Joe Licciardi 603-862-1718
Information Technology Israel Yost 603-862-2245
Mathematics (all options) Edward Hinson 603-862-2688
Mathematics Education Edward Hinson 603-862-2688
Mechanical Engineering Todd Gross 603-862-1353
Ocean Engineering Todd Gross 603-862-1353
Physics Dawn Meredith  603-862-2063
Statistics Edward Hinson 603-862-2688
Undeclared College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Caitlin Baldwin 603-862-3537

Paul College of Business and Economics

College/Major Initial Contacts Phone
All Majors PAUL Undergraduate Programs Office 603-862-3885

Thompson School of Applied Science


College/Major Initial Contacts Phone
All Majors

Steven Gorman