A Tour Guide’s Top Housing FAQs

Monday, January 18, 2021

UNH students in a residence hall

What’s the best dorm?
I wouldn’t say there’s a best dorm, because it depends on what you want. So, if you prefer a dorm with air conditioning, you’ll find that at UNH. If you prefer a more modern dorm, UNH has that too. If you prefer a dorm that is close to the Memorial Union Building – UNH’s student union – or a specific dining hall, check out the campus map! UNH has 27 dorms to choose from, which means there’s a dorm that fits your needs here. 

Are the dorm bathrooms communal on every floor or do suites have their own?
This depends on which dorm you’re in. Most traditional dorms have communal bathrooms (women, men and general neutral), but if you live in one of the suite or apartment-style dorms, you will share a bathroom with only your roommates. 

Do any of the dorms have communal kitchens?
Yes, every dorm has a kitchen on the first floor that is open to everyone. There’s a fridge, stove, microwave and sometimes more! 

Can we see a dorm room on a campus tour?
Typically, yes. Right now, because of the protocols in place for COVID-19, we unfortunately can’t have non-UNH visitors in our rooms. To help give you some of that experience virtually, we’ve uploaded numerous videos, social media posts and blogs about housing and the dorms. Definitely check those out! This one-minute tour video is a great place to start.

Does everyone live on campus or are there options off-campus as well?
For the most part, freshmen and sophomores live on campus. By their junior year, some students decide to move off-campus or to an on-campus apartment. I am currently a senior and I live in an apartment-style dorm on campus. There are tons of great housing options should you decide to move off campus, from apartments located right in downtown Durham to residential options at our campus barns for students interested in working closely with animals. You can also choose to live in one of Durham’s surrounding towns, like Dover, Newmarket or Portsmouth, where Wildcat Transit is available to take you to campus for free.

Do the dorms have keycard entry or keycard entry after a certain time?
Every dorm has 24-hour electronic key card access. You’ll see card readers on the outside doors where you’ll swipe your university ID to get into your dorm. So any time of day, you’ll be required to slide your student ID at the entrance of your dorm. If you want to have a friend over, you’ll have to meet them at the door to let them in.

Can you have friends over from different dorms?
Yes, you can have your friends over from different UNH dorms. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t have friends from back home or a different college visit your dorm. UNH wants everyone on-campus to be part of our COVID-19 testing program, for better tracking. If you’re curious about our testing program, you can learn more here.

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