The University of New Hampshire receives roughly 1100 applications per year to the Nursing program; we accept approximately 175 students and plan to enroll 48 students a year in the major. The size of the major is kept small so that it can meet accreditation requirements for student:faculty ratios in the classroom, labs, and clinical placements. Students must also have completed a full year of high school chemistry and biology or chemistry and physics.

Below is a list of FAQs for Nursing.

Why is Nursing a restricted major?

There are limited spaces in the lab and clinical sections and more applicants than we can accommodate.

When can I apply as an internal transfer?

Students can apply during the spring semester of freshman year.

What requirements do I need to apply as an internal transfer?

In order to apply to the nursing program students must have a cumulative a 3.2 GPA or higher, and have completed or be currently enrolled in Biomedical Science 507, Biomedical Science 508, Psychology 401, and English 401. There is also an application process that requires grade reports from any college or university attended, essay, and high school transcript with SAT or ACT scores (printed by department), an interview may be required. The courses listed are available to all UNH students, with a number of spaces in these classes reserved for students who wish to enroll in the nursing program.

How many spaces typically are available each year for current UNH students as internal transfers?

0-10--How many spaces are available is driven by the size of the first year class (is it larger or smaller than anticipated) and the amount of students who leave the nursing program.

How many UNH students typically apply for these spaces?

20-40 UNH students apply each year to become nursing majors as an internal transfer.

When do students apply?

The application deadline is March 1 and June 1.

When do most students start in the major?

Students begin in the nursing major the semester following their admission to the nursing program--fall of the sophomore year.