Accelerated Master's Programs

Accelerated Master's Programs
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There are over 60+ Accelerated Master’s degree options at UNH – qualified students can complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as 5 years! New programs are being added all of the time so visit our website for a current list of programs.  

The Accelerated Master’s program is an optimal way for qualified UNH undergraduate students to begin earning graduate credit during their senior year. Students in most programs are able to take up to 12 credits that will count for both undergraduate and graduate credit, allowing them to maximize their time on campus and the return on their educational investment, as they seek to increase their marketability after graduation. 


How to Qualify

  • Be a UNH Student
  • Must have a 3.2+ gpa
  • Apply and be accepted to the graduate program
  • Most students apply in their junior year; once admitted to the program, students can begin taking courses for dual credit, provided they’ve completed 90 undergraduate credits

What You Need To Know


  • Up to 12 graduate-level credits can be taken towards your master's degree (in most programs) prior to receiving a bachelor's degree during your senior year.
  • Courses taken for dual credit are included in the undergraduate tuition
  • Courses may be taken for graduate-only or dual credit.


    • Courses must be graduate level (800/900).
    • Students must pass graduate courses with B- or better.*
    • Students must maintain GPA of 3.2 or better.*
    • Students must meet with a Grad School Advisor to review details of the program and accept their offer of admission.
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    *Note: If a 3.2 undergraduate GPA is not maintained, if the bachelor’s degree is not awarded or if the required grades are not received, the offer of admission will be withdrawn and the student will no longer qualify for the Accelerated Master's program.

    More information about the Accelerated Master's Program. 



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