Accelerated Masters' Programs

Some undergraduate programs offer Accelerated Masters' Programs in which qualified senior-year undergraduates are eligible to take graduate-level courses for credit towards their master's degree. These students need to follow normal graduate school application procedures and be admitted for the semester during which they want to enroll in courses for graduate credit.

How to Qualify

To qualify, you must:

*Note: Some departments will consider students for Accelerated Master's admission on a case-by-case basis. If you don't see your desired program in the eligible program list, contact the Graduate School for discussion.

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What You Need To Know


  • Up to 12 graduate-level credits can be taken towards your master's degree prior to receiving a bachelor's degree during your senior year.
  • No additional tuition cost
  • Courses may be taken for graduate-only or dual credit.


  • Courses must be graduate level (800/900).
  • Students must pass graduate courses with B- or better.*
  • Students must maintain GPA of 3.2 or better.*
  • Students must meet with Grad School Academic Advisor to review details of the program and accept offer of admission.

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*Note: If a 3.2 undergraduate GPA is not maintained, if the bachelor’s degree is not awarded or if the required grades are not received, the offer of admission will be withdrawn and the student will no longer qualify for the Accelerated Master's program.

Accelerated master's students cannot accept an offer of admission online; instead, admitted students are required to attend a mandatory meeting with one of our Academic Advisors to review the details of the student's program. For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please contact the Graduate School.

Once the undergraduate degree is received, the student will become a regular graduate student and must follow all Graduate School regulations and policies, such as being aware that full-time graduate status requires 9 or more credits and graduate tuition may be different than undergraduate tuition. For more information on our policies and the responsibilities of being a UNH graduate student, please visit our

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