Competitive and Restricted Majors

Some of our majors at the University of New Hampshire have enrollment restrictions for incoming first year students. These enrollment restrictions may be driven by limited space in the program, specific expectations for coursework completed in high school, or both reasons. Unfortunately, we cannot offer every admitted student direct admission into some of these restricted majors. However, many UNH students eventually apply to these restricted majors as an internal transfer. An internal transfer student is a UNH student who applies to change their major into a program that has specific expectations that must be met by students who wish to declare that major.

Some academic programs require an additional year of preparation in subject areas.

  • Students who plan to specialize in engineering, biological/physical sciences, mathematics, or forestry should present at least four years of mathematics including trigonometry/pre-calculus, as well as laboratory coursework in chemistry and/or physics.
  • Students pursuing business-related studies also should have completed four years of advanced mathematics such as (eg: trigonometry, finite, pre-calculus, statistics).

Listed below are our restricted majors at UNH with information on the previous year's internal transfer application process. It is important to note that although these criteria accurately reflect what happened in the prior year and, in many cases reflect trends for the past several years, there is no guarantee that these stated criteria will remain constant into the future.

Athletic Training

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Kinesiology: Exercise Science



Occupational Therapy

Paul College of Business and Economics

Undeclared: Health and Human Services