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Wondering what it’s really like to be a Wildcat? Welcome to The Wildcat Take, UNH’s undergraduate admissions blog. Here, we answer all your questions, including: Why should I attend UNH? What do Wildcats do in their free time? What major should I choose? This is your place to dig deeper and get an honest look at UNH student life. 

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Why go to College out of State?

Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Wondering whether you should leave your home state for college? This week, we're putting the spotlight on students who came from the Northeast to New England to attend UNH. Hear some out-of-state, out-of-New England students’ perspectives on why UNH was the right choice.  Read More
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Things to do in New Hampshire in the Winter as a Wildcat

Monday, January 23, 2023
If you’re visiting or in the area don’t miss these winter things to do at and around UNH. All four seasons offer something to look forward to and winter is the perfect time to cozy up indoors or explore the snowy landscape outside. This is your UNH winter bucket list. Read More
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How You'll Belong at UNH: Student Life

Tuesday, January 17, 2023
How do you get involved on campus? How easy is it to make friends in college? As a prospective college student, you may be wondering what campus life will be like. Current students at UNH say its strong welcoming and inclusive community is what drew them to campus. Read More
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Sustainability at UNH: What Does it Mean?

Monday, January 9, 2023
What does sustainability mean? What is a sustainable university? Let’s talk about what sustainability means at UNH and what makes UNH one of the most sustainable campuses in the country. Read More
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UNH Students Change the World in These 4 Ways

Tuesday, January 3, 2023
UNH students change the world, plain and simple. 2023 is your year to join them. Today’s the day to find out how. This post is dedicated to how UNH enables you to change the world, including leaving the earth better than you found it, traveling globally, starting your own business and researching the next big breakthrough. Read More
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A Look Back at Some of our Student Takeovers

Monday, December 26, 2022
Want to learn more about the daily routine of a college student? Our UNH Takeover series features students from across campus sharing a day in their life. As we wrap up 2022, we're looking back at some of our favorite student social media takeovers. Read More
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What is UNH’s Virtual Tour?

Monday, December 19, 2022
What is UNH’s virtual tour? How do you take the virtual tour? UNH’s virtual tour offers a 360-degree immersive experience of our campus, including classrooms, research facilities, dining locations, student life and so much more! Read More
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What Does it Mean to be Limitless at UNH?

Monday, December 12, 2022
What does it mean to be limitless at UNH? In today's blog we'll hear from students about what makes UNH limitless for them, from academic opportunities in the field, to a community that makes them feel the most supported they've ever felt, to the ability to make a change in their own corner of the world. Read More
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What is the Granite Guarantee?

Wednesday, December 7, 2022
If you’re a Pell-eligible New Hampshire student wondering how to afford college, you should check out the Granite Guarantee, UNH’s signature financial assistance program. The Granite Guarantee covers the difference between state, federal and institutional grants and the cost of in-state tuition. Read More
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How to Write your College Essay

Monday, November 28, 2022
As UNH's Regular Decision deadline on February 1 approaches, it’s time to think about writing your college essay. Your college essay is your chance to use 650 words or fewer to both help you stand out from other applicants and tell admissions counselors something about yourself that’s not included in your other application materials. Read More