Problems with Common App?

Are you having trouble submitting your Common Application?  We would like to provide some helpful tips to assist you with submitting your application to the University of New Hampshire.  If you are still unable to submit your application then you will need to contact the Common Application visit the applicant support portal website:

Once you log in at, click on the red arrow (see below) and you will be redirected to Common App's support page.

Picture of red arrow

The third tab is "Ask A Question". From there you are able to submit your inquiry.

Some helpful tips:

1) Go to your Dashboard to confirm all parts of your application have been submitted.

2) Once you get to the payment part of Common App and pay the fee, the program does not continue with submitting the application but rather brings you back to the Home Screen that lists your Colleges. You then need to click on Submit the Common App for each college again, and then proceed to the end where it will take you to the Signature Page.  

3) Important - You will receive an email from The Common Application confirming the submission of your application. If you did not receive an email, we did not receive your application. If you do not get an email contact Common App.

picture of the Common App Applicaiton Submimssion page

picture of the Common App Applicaiton Submimssion page