John Chappell Jr

Phone: (603) 862-0934
Office: Admissions, Smith Hall, Durham, NH 03824
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Hi! I’m your admissions counselor, John. Here’s a little bit about me and what I enjoy most about UNH.  I look forward to working with you!

My Favorite Place on Campus?
Hetzel Hall.  In the early 80’s, I lived on the 3rd floor of Huddleston Hall, but most of my friends (including my future spouse) lived in Hetzel.  The dorms were near each other, so I spent a lot of time there.  It was a fun and friendly dorm. Advance to 2016 and my daughter lived in Hetzel as a freshman!

What is my favorite thing to eat on campus? 
There was a restaurant across the street from my dorm called Tin Palace—it had the best pizza!  When my daughter attended UNH I really enjoyed the cheesy bread in the dining hall.  
My Favorite memory at UNH: Making lifelong, amazing friends.  I also enjoyed eating my meals in the Huddleston dining room…with the chandeliers and a big fireplace.  It felt fancy and proper.

What makes UNH so special? 
I always felt that it is a big school that is friendly and helpful. You have a lot of opportunity but can still make connections that last a lifetime. 

What is your favorite UNH tradition? 
I love going to the hockey games and seeing the fish thrown out after the first goal.  And the cowbell at the Whit brings me right back to all the memories of going to Snively Arena for hockey games when I was a student.  I also enjoy the chimes at T-hall.  When my daughter attended UNH, she would record them on her phone and send it to me. It always made me feel nostalgic.

Where did you grow up?
first half of my youth was in Philadelphia, PA; second half in Manchester, NH

What college did you attend/degrees earned? 
I started at Syracuse University, but most of my friends went to UNH. They would write to me and tell me how great things were.  I would visit and see how happy everyone was,  so I decided to transfer to UNH beginning in my sophomore year. I earned a BA in Sociology ’85 and M.Ed. in School Counseling from Rivier University in ‘94

My wife Suzanne is also a UNH graduate (we dated during college) and we have two daughters, Elise (Stonehill ’14) and Emma (UNH ’20) Both of our kids live in Atlanta.
My wife and I both went to Manchester Central HS together, reconnected at UNH and then we ended up working together at Pinkerton Academy, where Suzanne taught English, and I was a School Counselor. We also love our Himalayan cat, Gracie.

Do you have any hidden talents? 
I have a weird ability to remember details about people. 
When I was a school counselor, I would remember all the details about siblings or their family even many years apart.  The reactions I got were funny.

Any fun facts about yourself? 
I appreciate my UNH experiences so much I decided to get a tattoo on my leg of the UNH Wildcat.  I did this in my 50’s, much to the surprise of family and friends. UNH really shaped who I am, and I will be forever grateful for that.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done in your life?
 We honeymooned in Bermuda and rented mopeds for the day. We literally drove every square inch of the island exploring. It was the best time.