Lina Adjout

From: Exeter, NH
Dual Major: Political Science and International Affairs
Grad Year: 2021

I applied to UNH early action with the help of my guidance counselor. It was a very simple application and was one I did not miss! Initially, I came to UNH for financial reasons. It was not until my first weeks of being at UNH that I realized how many opportunities they offered, from study abroad to internships to research. I began to become involved right away. Currently, I am a coordinator for NH Dems and am on the board of two organizations on campus! Not only being connected through these clubs but also in the community has made me a much more open-minded person! My advice is to get involved and to let your voice be heard! A college campus is an amazing place to meet new people and learn new ideas. We have so many clubs and organizations that it is hard to be bored on campus! ​