Jason Perra '24

How do UNH students choose their majors? Our new How I Chose My Major blog series highlights students from different colleges across UNH and explores how they chose their majors and minors, what they've learned through their programs, the coolest places they get to study and so much more!

Today, learn more about how Jason '24 manages to combine three different interestsphysics, Spanish and international affairs. Read on to learn about a triple major experience that includes playing games in the physics undergrad lounge, taking advantage of paid research opportunities and studying abroad in Costa Rica. 

jason perra '24, Physics, Spanish and International Affairs
Jason Perra

What is your major?

I’m currently a physics, Spanish and international affairs triple major.

What did you think you wanted to major in before you came to UNH?

I considered several different majors at UNH, and thoroughly familiarized myself with UNH’s offerings to pick one. I knew I was interested in something in CEPS (College of Engineering and Physical Sciences), so when I first started at UNH, I was a chemical engineering major before switching to civil engineering early into my freshman year, and again to physics by the end of my second semester.  I also added a dual major in international affairs my freshman year, and another major in Spanish as a junior. 

Why did you choose your major? 

I chose my majors in diverse fields because I knew that I was interested in a broad, liberal education.  I enjoyed my physics classes my freshman year, which guided me towards that department.  UNH’s Department of Physics and Astronomy is awesome, and every professor I had was interested in helping me make sure I was able to take the somewhat unusually diverse array of classes I wanted.  I was originally a Spanish minor, but I added Spanish as another major after studying abroad in Costa Rica between my sophomore and junior years. 

What are some of the top places on campus you frequent for your major?

One of my favorite things about the physics department at UNH is the undergraduate loungeit’s the place in DeMeritt Hall where we all gather together to do homework, play games and sometimes nap on the couches! 

What’s the coolest part about your major?

The coolest part about my physics major would have to be the ample (paid!) research opportunities available.  In fact, most of CEPS’ research funding goes to the physics department alone!  We have a wonderful, tight-knit community with similar numbers each of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty. 

As for my Spanish and international affairs majors, my coolest experiences would have to be studying abroad twice in both Costa Rica and Spain. 

What advice do you have for prospective students about choosing a major?

Don’t worry about choosing (seriously)!  College is a time to explore your interests, and your interests will have already changed by your sophomore year at UNH from what they were your senior year of high school.  Choose something that sounds interesting to you, but don’t rule anything else out yet! 


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