Thompson School Transfer Applicants

Many Thompson School students transfer into a four-year program after they have completed their associate degree. Students who wish to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program at UNH must complete a simple UNH Transfer Form (they do not have to re-do the Common Application) and will be considered on their academic work. Special attention is paid to a student's cumulative GPA in courses numbered 400 or higher. There is no application fee to apply as a two to four-year transfer.

Application Requirements

UNH Transfer Application

All credits from the Thompson School will transfer (with the exception of TSAS Math Courses) to a UNH baccalaureate program, but may not necessarily fulfill the student’s new degree requirements or General Education/Discovery requirements (except for COM 209 which will fulfill the ENGL 401 requirement). Completion of a baccalaureate degree after graduating with an associate degree may take longer than 2 years. In general, the majority of students who set out to earn a baccalaureate degree take longer than 4 years to complete degree requirements.

Students may also seek to transfer to a four-year program before completing their associate degree; however, if a student was not admissible to a four-year program at UNH directly out of high school they will need two semesters of successful college-level work before the UNH Admissions Office will consider their transfer form. The Thompson School also offers a Transfer Meeting every semester for students interested in learning more about transfer opportunities at UNH. Please reach out to either Donna Evans or Tara Hildt at to set up an appointment.