Credit Transfer

For course credit to transfer from another school, the following criteria must be met:

  • The course was taken at an institution fully accredited by a regional association of schools and colleges.
  • The grade earned in the class was at least a "C" or its equivalent.
  • The course was not remedial or vocational in nature or taken as part of a certificate program. 
  • Mathematics coursework must be completed at the Pre-Calculus level, or higher, to transfer. No credit is awarded for mathematics courses which duplicate high school level Algebra or below. Credit is accepted for Finite Mathematics and Statistics courses.
  • To receive credit for elementary level foreign language coursework, a student cannot have completed two or more years of study in that same language in high school.

Upon admission to UNH, an official credit evaluation will be completed and posted to your on-line MyUNH account. You will be able to view the total credits transferred and discovery requirements that have been fulfilled. Please note that it is up to each UNH academic department to determine which courses from other institutions will be accepted towards fulfilling major requirements.

Please follow this link for more information on AP credit transfer.