Home-Schooled Students

Admission Information for Home Schooled First-Year Students

The University of New Hampshire conducts an individualized, holistic review of first-year applications for admission.

Admission to UNH is competitive. A student's academic record, including program of study, class rigor, and achievement is of primary importance in assessing a student's potential for success at UNH.

We welcome applications from students who are receiving their secondary level education at home and we value the different perspective "home-schooled" students bring to our classroom and community. With as many as two million students receiving their secondary education at home, we view home-schooling as simply another viable and well established means of preparation for the transition to college or university.

You are a home schooled student if you are receiving your secondary school education from your parents or through an accredited distance learning program. Our admissions criteria for home-schooled students are the same as for those students who receive their diploma through the local public school system or through a traditional private secondary school.

Enrollment Documentation Required for Home Schooled First-Year Students

If you choose to enroll at UNH, you will need to provide documentation of successful completion of your secondary level studies in the form of a final transcript, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or a certificate of completion from your local school district or state board of education. If your home school program does not provide a "diploma" please feel free to contact us to discern the final documentation we will require before your enrollment.