Admissions Forms

Here you will find many of the forms and informational leaflets used by the University of New Hampshire Undergraduate Admissions Office in alphabetical order. Please visit the corresponding websites for more information and instruction on how to appropriately use these forms.

General Forms

pdf_icon Admissions and Financial Aid Overview

pdf_icon Advanced Placement (AP) Credit and Course Equivalents

List of which AP exams and scores UNH awards credit for and which exams fulfill course equivalent requirements.

pdf_icon Athletics & Campus Recreation Information

Includes Intercollegiate Athletics Coaching Directory for Men's & Women's Division I Sports, and Campus Recreation Programs & Services Information.

pdf_icon CATS Application (Challenging Academically Talented Students)

Visit the CATS Website for more information on the program.

pdf_icon Campus Map & Visit Guide

UNH Visit Guide including self-guided tour route.

pdf_icon College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit and Course Equivalents

List of which CLEP exams and scores UNH awards credit for and which exams fulfill course equivalent requirements.

pdf_icon NAACP Seacoast Branch Scholarship Application

pdf_icon New England Regional Student Program (NERSP)

List of UNH majors currently available through the NERSP.

pdf_icon Notarized Residency Statement for New Hampshire Residents

This form certifies that the applicant is a New Hampshire resident and eligible for resident tuition. See theBoard of Trustees Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes (Residency Rules) for more information.

pdf_icon Progress Report Form for Transfer Students

If requested by the Admissions Office for a transfer applicant.

pdf_icon Readmission Application

Please visit the Readmission website for more information.

Undergraduate Profile

The profile includes Financial Aid distribution information and Undergraduate, Faculty, & Admission Statistics.

pdf_icon  UNH Transfer Form

Application for Thompson School, UNH Manchester Associate degree students, veterans, non-traditional, and currently enrolled pre-admission students applying for Baccalaureate degree programs.