Frequently Asked Questions at College Fairs

What percent of professors teach the lectures?

Over 97% of lectures are taught by professors.

Are there academic advising and counseling services available to students?

Yes. The University Advising and Career Center is available to undeclared students. Once a student declares a major, he or she is appointed a faculty advisor from that college and field of study. The Center for Academic Resources offers academic support services to undergraduates from all disciplines as well. Students can also meet with a professional counselor at the Counseling Center in the Schofield House

What is the alcohol policy on campus? – (See page 26 for detailed answer in Alumni Handbook)

UNH is not a dry campus, but follows all legal guidelines. No alcohol is allowed in any academic buildings. In the dorms, one open alcoholic beverage per 21 year old is allow

Are there curfews in the dorms?

Dorms do not have curfews, although students cannot get into another dorm but their own between 10 p.m and 7 a.m. without being let in by someone who lives there.

Can First Year have cars on campus?

No. Public transportation to Dover, Newmarket, and Portsmouth is available free to students through Wildcat Shuttle Transportation, and to Portland and Boston through C&J Trailways bus service and the Amtrak Downeaster train service.

Is there a career services center that can offer help to graduates seeking job opportunities?

The University Advising and Career Center offers help to graduates by providing them with employer networking, internship information, resume-o-rama, and mock interviews, as well as information and help choosing a graduate school program. The Career and Advising Center also has a large online database just for UNH students with thousands of job and internship opportunities.

What is the average class size?

25 students is the average class size. The student to faculty ratio is 19:1. Only 6% of classes have 100+ students.

How are classes scheduled?

There are 50 min classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 1 hour and 20 min classes Tuesday and Thursday. Some classes will meet in one big three-hour chunk once a week, normally 6-9 p.m. Classes usually run from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Do you have to have a personal computer on campus? Are there computer clusters available on campus?

A personal computer is not required, though most students choose to bring one. There are 7 computer clusters on campus, with two 24 hour clusters. Dell PC, Mac, and Dell laptop computers are available for student use free of charge, and two locations are wireless. There is internet hookup as well as the latest software available at all computer clusters, and also printing services for $0.08 a page

Is it difficult to switch colleges and majors?

It is not difficult to switch colleges and/or majors as long as students meet the academic requirements for that college and/or program. For some programs students must fill out a short application before receiving approval, but for most programs students simply need the approval of their faculty advisor and the dean from the college they to switch to. 

How diverse is the campus? 

Students of color comprise 8+% of our student body, although we also exemplify diversity through religion, personal interests, sexual orientation, and geography.

How popular is Greek life on campus?

9% of the student population takes part in Greek life.

Is campus housing guaranteed all four years?

Housing is guaranteed for two consecutive years. Upper classmen have an option to live in one of the two on campus apartment complexes, the Gables and the Woodsides, as well as dormitory buildings on campus.

How are the food and dining services available? 

UNH has won 21 Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards by the National Association of College and Food Services in the past 15 years. 

Is it easy to get involved on campus?

A.  There are over 200 student organizations to get involved in, ranging from student government to Greek affairs to the New Hampshire Outing Club to the Juggling Club. 

Is there off campus housing available?

Off campus housing is available in the town of Durham as well as the neighboring towns of Dover, Newmarket, Lee, and Madbury. There is a link for off campus housing information at the UNH website. 

What is the typical living situation in a residence hall? (Are most rooms doubles?)

Most rooms on campus are doubles. There are, however, some singles, triples, built-up triples, and a few quads. Mills Hall features suite style living, with suites of four, five, or eight 

What are the meal plan options on campus?

We have three levels of meal plans: silver, gold, and platinum. The only difference between these levels of dining are the amount of dining dollars purchased with the meal plan, silver having none and platinum having the most.

What is UNH’s most popular major?

Undeclared Liberal Arts, with Business Administration in a close second.

Is there a lot to do in the surrounding area? 

There are many options for recreation off campus. We are close to the ocean for nice-weather trips to the beach, and to many ski areas for wintertime excursions. Nearby Newington has the Fox Run Mall to offer, and Portsmouth is not much farther than that. Boston and Portland both are just a quick train ride away on Amtrak’s Downeaster which stops right on campus. There is also bus service to Boston and New York. There are many recreational, social and cultural opportunities in and around Durham. The campus is connected to the surrounding communities by Wildcat Transit, a free public transportation system run by UNH.

How available are the professors to the students?

Professors make themselves very available to students, giving out their office hours, email addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes even home or cell phone numbers on the first day of class. They encourage students to drop in during their 2 hours a week of office hours, even just to chat. If you can’t make it during their office hours, they’ll meet with you by appointment.

How’s safety on campus? 

Safety is very tight on campus, with two full size police forces (Durham AND UNH police). Our residence halls are locked 24 hours a day with access by student ID card. After 10p.m. students can only get into their own residence hall. We also have student security officers patrolling on evenings. Our emergency call boxes, strategically scattered throughout the campus, have a two minute response time.  

What sort of academic support is available to students? 

If a student is not satisfied with the support they can get from their professors, there are many other options to pursue. The Center for Academic Resources (CFAR) is a great resource for scholastic support. They offer study groups, note taking tips, tutoring services, etc. UNH also has writing and math centers for specialized support, staffed by fellow students and professionals.

What are weekends like on campus? 

This question is best answered with a personal touch. It is important to ensure parents and students that although there is a party presence on any campus, there are also numerous alternatives. The Weekend Warriors, CAB, and SCOPE make an effort to have an event scheduled every weekend during the academic semester. There is always something exciting going on during the weekends, be it on or off campus.

What is the retention rate for first year students?

About 90% of first year students return for the second year. 

Are there more in-state students than out of state students?

In our undergraduate population, 57% of our students are in state, while 43% are out of state. Our first year class is typically comprised of 53% New Hampshire residents and 47% non-residents.

What is the male to female ratio on campus?

46% male, 54% female                      

What is the student to faculty ratio on campus?


What is the student population?

About 12,500 undergrads and 2,200 grad students . 

What is the acceptance rate for applicants?

This year’s acceptance rate was 74%.

What are the hours of the Hamel Rec Center?

During the academic year, weekdays from 6 AM-Midnight, weekends abbreviated hours.