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Request Undergraduate Admissions Materials: 

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Questions regarding the following should be directed to or (603) 862-1360. Directing questions regarding these issues to phone numbers/email addresses other than the ones listed above will result in a delayed response to your inquiry.

  • Application status (eg: Is my application complete?)
  • Questions regarding application materials (eg: application, transcript, recommendations, essay, and/or standardized testing)
  • Questions regarding your admissions decision.  (Please note: We do not share admission decisions over the phone.)
  • Requesting general information

Durham (Main Residential Campus) Undergradute Admissions Contact Info:  

University of New Hampshire

Office of Admissions

3 Garrison Avenue

Durham, NH 03824  

Phone: (603) 862-1360

Fax: (603) 862-0077


Manchester (Non-Residential Campus) Undergraduate Admissions Contact info:

 88 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101