University Academic Requirements

The Admissions Office evaluates courses for general transferability and for satisfaction of our general education core requirements.

Note: In Fall 2010, the Discovery Program, the University's new core academic program, went into effect for all new first-year students. Beginning Fall 2011, both new first-year and transfer students, will be required to satisfy the Discovery Program requirements.

For Fall 2011 Transfer admits: To learn more about the University's Discovery Program requirements, click here. Please note that the inquiry course requirement may only be taken at UNH, however, it will be waived for students transferring in with Junior standing (58 or more semester hours)

Abbreviations used on the UNH academic transcript to denote whether a transferred course meets University general education requirements are listed below:

Discovery Requirements (DISC) (for new transfer students entering Fall 2011)

  • DISC BS -- Biological Science
  • DISC ETS -- Environment, Technology, and Society
  • DISC FPA -- Fine & Performing Arts
  • DISC HP -- Historical Perspectives
  • DISC HUMA -- Humanities
  • DISC PS -- Physical Science
  • DISC QR -- Quantitative Reasoning
  • DISC SS -- Social Science
  • DISC WC -- World Cultures
  • DISC WS -- Writing Skills

Major Requirements

The Admissions Office does not determine whether a course may be used to satisfy a major requirement. Your major department will do the evaluation. If a course is accepted as a transfer elective and there is an equivalent UNH Department, that department abbreviation will be listed on the UNH academic transcript. This, however, does not mean that the course may be used as a major requirement. You should schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss how your previous courses might be used to fulfill major requirements.

Click here to view the UNH Undergraduate Catalog for information on degree requirements by major.

Foreign Language Requirement

If you are enrolled in a BA (Bachelor of Arts) program, you must complete a foreign language requirement. The ‘degree evaluation’ at MyUNH will verify whether this requirement has been satisfied with transfer coursework.