Paul College of Business and Economics

Students not admitted directly to the Paul College of Business and Economics can apply as an internal transfer at a later date. Strong academic preparation in high school, with emphasis in mathematics, is an important criteria for direct admission to the Paul College of Business and Economics.


A. Be a current, 4-year degree student attending UNH who has already completed at least one semester at UNH (first semester freshman are not eligible nor are 2-year degree students*).

B. Attend an "Intercollege Transfer Application Process" meeting.  

C. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. (GPA requirement may be higher in the future.)

D. Have completed at least two of the following PAUL courses:

For Business Administration applicants: Econ 401, Econ 402, Admn 420, Admn 400, Admn 410, Admn 502, Admn 503

For Economics BA applicants: Econ 401, Econ 402, Admn 420, Econ 605, Econ 611

For Economics BS applicants: Econ 401, 402 605, 611, Admn 410, 420, 502, 503

For Hospitality Mgt. applicants: Hmgt 401, Hmgt 403, Hmgt 554, Hmgt 567, Econ 401, Econ 402, Admn 420, Admn 502

E. Have earned an average of 3.0 in all Paul College courses completed and have no grade less than a C- in any PAUL required course. Preference may be given to those having completed a greater number of Paul College Courses with grades of A and B.  

A Paul College course may be repeated only once and no more than two Paul College required courses may be repeated. Admn 403, a one credit required course in which the grade assigned is a CR or F (credit or fail), also falls under this repeat rule. If Admn 403 has already been completed prior to applying to Paul College, you must have earned a grade of CR or you will not be eligible to apply to Paul College until the course is successfully repeated.

F. Have successfully passed Math 420, Math 424A or B, or Math 425 (or equivalent transfer course).

Important Note: Meeting the above requirements allows a student only to be eligible to apply to Paul College and does not guarantee that a student will be accepted into Paul College. The intercollege transfer process is competitive and having a good GPA does not automatically gain one admission to the school. Decisions regarding applications will be based on the student’s record, application and the school’s enrollment factors.