Athletic Training

There are more applicants a year to the Athletic Training major than the University of New Hampshire can accommodate. The size of the major is kept small so that it can meet accreditation requirements for student: faculty ratios in the classroom, labs and clinical placements.

Below is a list of FAQ's for Athletic Training.

Why is Athletic Training a restricted major?

There are limited spaces in the lab and clinical sections and more applicants than we can accommodate.

When can I apply as an internal transfer to the Athletic Training major?

Most students apply late in the Spring of their Freshman year.

What requirements do I need to apply as an internal transfer?

In order to apply to the Athletic Training major students on average have successfully completed Biomedical Science 507, Biomedical Science 508, Psychology 401, Kinesiology 506, Kinesiology 507 and Nutrition 400.

How many spaces are typically available each year for current UNH students as internal transfers?

0-10--How many spaces are available is driven by the size of the first year class (is it larger or smaller than anticipated) and the amount of attrition in the Athletic Training program.

How many UNH students typically apply for these spaces?

Roughly 45 students a year apply as internal transfers to become Athletic Training majors.

When do students apply?

Most students apply late in the Spring of their Freshman year.

When do most students start in the program?

Students begin in the Athletic Training major the semester following acceptance to the program--generally Fall of the sophomore year.